Saturday, May 31, 2008

~1st time with Tamy~

What a gathering it was :) Roro & Brandon were the 1st to come followed by LianHoon, Eugene and Edison. Zhi and Terence came next and finally Thea, Sharon and Grace :) Since Roro came 1st, she took a pic with Tamy.

The rest came around 6pm or so... and we got the guys to go tabao food back while we waited. Boy was it a long wait... they onli got back around 8pm or so.. by then we were all so hungry liao... While waiting, Toby had a good time squeezing on the sofa with all the jiejies... hehehe... cos they took his spot on the sofa =Þ

Dinner was good... we had 3 different types of crabs :) Chilli, Butter and the soupy wan with chor bee hoon... yummy!~ there was also indian rojak, toufu, kangkong and roast chicken :) *bUrP* While we continued attacking the crab, Edison had lots of fun chasing Toby from the living room to the kitchen and back...

All the work out must have made Toby experience indigestion... cos he keep puking small amounts of his dinner every now and then... : Poor fella... cannot rest properly when Edison is here... heheh... Jus before everyone went back, Sharon and Zhi took pics with Tamy :)

Tamy was the limelight of today's gathering... heheh... evyone wanted to take pic with her but she looked to grouchy in all the pics lor... *pEngZ* but as always, my darling Toby always has a smile on his face... *MuAck*

This little fella has alot to say even before leaving... ehehe... gettin more n more talkative as he grows... heheh... good good... :)

Took a close up shot of both of them... see hw slpy both of them are... hehehe... pigs ah... afternoon oredi nap from 2+ until almost 6pm...

Now that every one has gone home, both of them are finally able to rest side by side on their new pillow that I bought for them from Ikea months back :) Heheh... yes i was oredi preparing for a 2nd dog then... most of the things I bought had to come in a pair... cos I didnt know when the 2nd one would come... so jus buy n keep 1st lor. kekeke.... =Þ Both of them look so tired but comfy resting on their new pillow.

Better rest soon... Tomorrow's goin to be another busy day wor... Toby's going to socialise with so many other MSs at Earth Cafe :)

Friday, May 30, 2008

My Darlings are FF - Fragrant & Fluffy =)

Went to get some JCO donuts after work for my buddies who are coming over tomorrow afternoon... good thing the storm stopped or else i wouldnt know how to leave office sia... had so many things to carry...

After gettin the donuts, I left to take the train with Angie and Priya. The train was exceptionally packed... so worried someone would jus smash into my donut box sia... hehe... tink i was more concerned abt my donuts than whether or nt those pple managed to get into the train or not.

When i reached YewTee, I msged to see if Toby had gone down and Garry said that he had... n to hurry home as he was cooking the last dish liao... which I knew was the fish... heheh... :) went home while the kids were hafin their meal... changed n played with them for awhile before i sat down to a sumptous spread...

After dinner, I gave Toby & Tamy a bath around 8pm and I jus finish about 20min ago... wahsay~ grooming time has more than doubled sia now that there are 2 of them... hehehe... anyway i used the LP brush on both of them jus now!!

Results of the LP Brush... BAGUS!!! I'm very happy with the results and how their fur looks like... even Garry was surprised on the effect it had on Toby... he commented that he looked very nice and both of them looks so fluffy... n I said of cos la... the brush how expensive u know... oops!~ hehehe... :)

Den he asked hw much n when i told him the price he didnt make much fuss... wahsay!! surprising ah.... den i was like sayin softly... i ordered another brush... heheh... n he asked y n i said this one slightly different... n he asked how much.... so i said slightly more expensive than the 1st one n im broke liao... hehehe... den he jus said broke liao but oredi buy... beta dun say so much ah... wait kena niam sia... :X

I like how the effect has on Toby's fur ard his legs... makes it look very fluffy n cylindrical... kekek... Anyway here is hw my darlings look after using the LP brush...

Both of them smell so nice now... n they both seem so tired... wth lor... all they did was stand n sit n stand n sit... i should be the I who is more tired lor... wahaha... caught some shots of them while they were both lazing around....

Both of them K.O liao... even Garry walked pass Toby n he's still soundly aslp lor... hahaha... :)

Sumptious Dinner!!!~

Supposed to start work at 8am but reached onli around 8.35am... die sia... =( Simply couldnt wake up this morning la... kept snoozing until overslpt lor... reached office and I quickly rushed to do the web orders sia... heng ah... on my turbo speed and managed to finish before 10am... heheh...

In my hurry, I forgot to bring my coach wristlet where i kept my ATM card and cash together with other stuffs lor... damn it... heng I had my LV wallet in the bag and there was cash there... or else ah i oso dunno how to pay the cabbie sia : The moment i woke up till now was like a mad rush man~ Called Garry to check if my wallet was on the computer table n good thing it was.

He also said that Tamy poo-ed and pee-ed so she's let out to play with Toby... good good... they are gettin along better now and everyday they play for at least 2hours or so... Daily routine... sleep... eat... poo... pee... play... eat and then sleep... Tamy is always looking for her korkor... she gets exceptionally anxious in the mornings when she sees him the moment they wake up, she will wait anxiously near the main door for him to come back from his walks and would follow him wherever he goes at home... :)

Mr Lee is on 2 days MC cos of a small infected lump on his upper back thigh... KNS~ the doc give 2 days MC jus for tt... when i was so sick he onli give me 1 day... Pui!!~ Spent the whole of yesterday playing his PS3. Hmm.... but today, he has to vacuum and mop the floor too cos my buddies are comin over to see Tamy tomorrow... :) And of cos Toby too....

Anyway the reason why I'm blogging now in the middle of the afternoon is because Mr Lee went marketing this morning and he MMSed me tonite's dinner menu when I was having lunch.... :D

1) Suan Hua fried with prawns and garlic

2) Steamed Chicken Thigh

3) Teochew Style steam Red Groupa

4) Carrot & Raddish Pork Ribs Soup

Wahsay!!! 4-course dinner ah... yummy!~ I'm so looking forward to dinner... hehehe... although I jus had lunch... hahahah.... =) Counting down to 5pm... Hehehe.... Also looking forward to tomorrow's gathering at my plc and for Sunday where we'll be goin to Earth Cafe and also back to Hougang for a BBQ :)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Growing growing growing....

The week went by well.. met up with Serene and Winnie for dinner on tuesday and had steamboat... Steff was supposed to join us but couldnt so we only met up to exchange our barangs. During dinner we shared stories on our furkids... kekeke... Serene was saying that Emma is a dinosaur... heheh... cos she keeps outgrowing her pretty dresses :)

Hanged around until 9+ before we were shooed out of the makan plc cos there was another group waiting for table... we den went to wait for cab at Bugis junction and I brought home the LP Brush, Yogi pee tray and the collars that I got from Serene... hehehe... :) She also gave me a harness and leash to practice walking Tamy at home before she can go out as well as passed me 3 clothes to see if I wanted to get them for Tamy and Toby. As it was rather late when i got home, I didnt let them try to see if it fits. hehehe... =Þ

Went to Suntec & Marina Square with Esther after work yesterday... actuali she wanted to go find artificial flowers to see if she could get hot pink tulips for her hse... so sad cos din manage to find any. We went to Arab street to see if there were Crystals as she wanted to DIY her own mirror... oso wasnt tt successful so we headed for Suntec.

There, I went to Petfuze once again... n I bought the pink blink collar which I had planned to get for Tamy next month.. *pEngz* Realised that there were 2 more shades of blink collar but as the stock would only come somtimes next month, I left my name to reserve it... Hot Pink and Pastel Purple... Woohoo... :) At Petfuze, Esther bought 2 toys... a fetch toy for Dino which she will be sending to Taiwan and another squeaky toy in Hot pink n white pokka dots... for herself hahaha... =D

After tt we went in search of the iron ons so that I could customise Toby's carrier... search n search and thanks to Esther we found some nice ones... The lady bird will be on Toby's carrier whereas the butterfly will be on Tamy's carrier... ah mention abt Tamy's carrier only i can die lor... when i came home and showed Garry the iron ons, he asked me where is Tamy's bag... i was like huh? Tot get next month or before the GSS ends cos me oredi broke lor... den he was like y dunno how to buy using our joint account? Duh!!~

When i buy without disscussin with him or askin him, he say hw come i jus buy without discussing... now i never buy, he ask how come dun use the joint account to buy... Alamak~ = Hmm... looks like I'll be makin another trip down to Petfuze to get the carrier for Tamy soon... hehehe... wonder if i should get the same color or the khaki one... hmm...

Anyway, Esther, David n myself had dinner at Billy Bombers... when i got home, after washing up n all, took the tshirt to measure on Toby and found that it was ultra loose on him... hahaha... so long tt it could cover her backside lor... wasted... den it was Tamy's turn to try on the 2 dresses from Serene... Alamak... i can faint lor... i thought the 2 dresses would be loose on her... boy was I wrong man...

The black dress looked sweet on Tamy... but but... it was jus nice lor... not loose nor fitting... jus 1cm gap ard the chest area after buttonin... :( the tennis dress looked lovely on her as well... but again the fit was jus rite... aiyoz... cant keep both dresses lor cos will be wasted... =( i wonder who is the one who actually has a dinosaur man...

f cos i had to take shots of her in the dresses... n coincidentally, I managed to capture 2 expressions tt were kinda funny especially the one where she looked like she was winking...

Was looking thru some of the pics and realised that I took pic of Tamy in her new clothes that I bought from BKK. Seems like only the adidog tee and flowery dress could fit her... but I'm pretty sure not for long...

Pity that the princess romper is fitting on her... and the DIT tshirts that I made for her were too big on her... she looks like a turtle... hahah... Guess I'll have to keep the DIY tees for later...

Tamy's measurement before I left for BKK were as follow:
Neck - 20cm
Chest - 31 cm
Length - 23cm

Took her measurement today and she has grown:
Neck - 20cm
Chest - 34cm
Length - 26cm

Seems like she's grown 3cm in length as well as ard her chest... hmm... smehow she looks bigger to me... mayb next time shld take her height as well... heheh... :)