Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Fa Gao Disapperaed!!~

Dinner last nite was FANTASTIC!!! The best I've had for a long time... why? Cos there were my fav prawns... and they were huge!! :) We steamed prawns and fish that Garry collected from his fren earlier in the day and we also bought roast chicken thigh... YuMmy!!

Our own mini reunion dinner with all the delicios food... *sLurP* :)

This is another of Mr Lee's masterpiece @ home apart from his mini garden... :) We bought some of the stuff last weekend and my SIL delivered the Nian Gao n Fa Gao together with the leeks to me last nite... so this is the final piece of everything in place... It's customary for us to display all these item to usher in good luck, health n prosperity :)

Amongst all these, I love eating the Fa Gao most!! :) This year, I realised that I wasn't the only one who loves eating it... TOBY loves it too and he together with Tamy ate my whole Fa Gao that was on display on my console... :(

It happened when we went for lunch yesterday... Toby had his eyes on it the moment we woke up and he kept loitering around that area and smelling it... when he tot that we weren't lookin, he would stand on his hind legs n stretch himself to smell the Fa Gao n I caught him waggin his tail at the same time... Jus before we left for lunch, I took a look at the console and told Garry to push the Fa Gao inner.

When we came back from lunch about an hour later, I even asked Garry if he thinks the Fa Gao will still be on the plate and he said should be... My oh my oh my.... the minute I stepped into the hse, I caught Tamy chewing on something n forced open her mouth... there stuck on the upper walls of her mouth was My FA GAO!! *sOb* I turned to the console and there was an empty plate where the Fa Gao used to be...

Good thing was that my MIL bought 2 Fa Gaos for us... 1 for displaying another for me to eat cos she knew I loved eating it... now that 1 is gone, I had to take the other out for display *soB* There goes my Fa Gao... We have decided to change the position of the Fa Gao this time round. It's not easy for Toby to jump and grab is as there is a pot of money plant on the floor on this side of the console... :P

Because of his greediness, Toby's stomach expended and became extremely bloated!! :( He felt tired and lethargic and didnt walk around much. After his bath, he kept sleepin and sleeping... The same went for Tamy... I tink she didnt eat much of the Fa Gao as her stomach wasnt as bloated as Toby's. But becos of this, we decided not to feed the both of them anything the whole day! *siGh* I tink Toby's having problem digesting wat he gobbled up.

We woke up this morning and I started touching his belly and it was still bloated... I hope he'll be alrite after he poos everything out... Garry said that Tamy's poo was very sticky n it stuck onto the toilet floor... tsk tsk tsk... Tts wat u get for being greedy~ Anyway it's Chu Xi today and I'll be off for my reunion dinner with my in-laws tis evening and then I'll be heading down to Hougang for Round 2... hahaha... :) Cant wait for tmw to come... den I'll get to use all my new stuffs... kekeke... Here's wishing everyone GONG XI FA CAI!! :)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Pampering Session :)

One thing I like about CNY is that I get to pamper myself during te festive season :) Apart from rebonding and coloring which I did on Monday, I also went for my pedi session on tues and today, I went for my mani session :) Hehehe...

Initially, I decided to use back the same base color on my fingers as the one I used on my toes and den do maybe 2-3 nail art on each hand... den the manicurist said it might look too cheena and suggested that I do the base in a light shade like pink with glitter on and if i wanted I could add a flower or two.

I thought why not try her suggestion then at least if the color chips off at the edges it might not look obvious... so as she was doin, i made small talk and asked her how long this could last. she said with glitters on it would be rather lasting and removing it can be quite tedious... hahah... tts good.. at least I know my nails can at least last me until chu er.

Anyway, as 2 of my nails broke off within a span of jus 2 days, I had no choice but to stick on nail extension on both fingers. I must say that the whole process was rather interesting as I've neva had fake nails on my finger. Apart from it being slightly thicker than my normal nails, you cant reali tell them apart. Which is good... :) Here's how I did my finger nails this time round... :)


I'm reali glad that I went with her suggestion as the final look on my nails look reali nice... n i like bling bling on nails.. kekeke... :) I tink I'm gonna do tis the next round for both my hands and feet but probably with another base color... hmm... maybe a shade of brown? I wonder hw this will look with dark shades though... heheh... :)

CNY is approaching reali soon and I'm looking forward to wearing my new clothes and going for my reunion dinner with both or families... I'm so looking forward to hafin many steamboat sessions... and the best part of it is that I'm ON LEAVE until the 29th!! Yippy! :) Gotta go back to work on fri as we have a cap in the number of days of leave that we can take in a row durin the peak period... well... it beats hafin to go back to work on wed anytime... Here's wishin everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year!! GoNg Xi Fa Cai!! :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

~*~ My Charming & Sweet Duo ~*~

I decided to get similar CNY clothes for the 2 furkids this year... This year would Tamy's 1st CNY with us... :) There was so much problems getting this set of clothes for them... 1 minute the seller says haf stock for both of them, next she tells us there isnt stock for Toby's size... den when I've made payment for another top for Tamy, shw says she has stock for Toby *SiGh* In the end I decided to get this set for them as well... :) hehehe....

Well, this is the top that I bought for Tamy when I thought that the above one wasnt available. Tis top matches the blue top that Toby had last year and was supposed to use again this year... I tink they both look good in this set as well... Toby looks very nice in bright color :) Now that I have 2 sets of clothes, I cant decide which to let them wear... I guess they'll wear both set on the 2 weekends when my parents n in-laws will be coming over to our place for dinner... :)

I also took some adhoc pics of the 2 furries a couple of nites ago... this is how it is like when they sleep on the bed with us... kekeke... :) It can be rather cramp at time cos they 2 furries love slpin n leaning on us and at time they lie on their back and have all 4 feet in the air... kekeke... :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nail Art :)

Went to Lot 1 to get my pedi done last nite around 8pm... :P Went to Shangri-La Nail Spa... kekek... signed a package with them about a month back and this is my 2nd time there... the place was reali packed and I only managed to get my nails done at 8.30pm... sat there till pass 10pm and took a cab home... :)

This is the end result after sitting there for 2 hours... ekekek... :) I'll be goin back on Friday evening to get my nails done... hmm... shld I do it with the same base or with a light base with minimum nail art or shld I jus do it plain or the usual french? Hmm.... I'll decide on friday bah... hehehe.... :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's a Miracle :)

Wahaha.... I thank god for the genius who came up with this idea... heheheh... :)

Thanks to Cindy who bought this for me for Xmas as well... Now that my hair is all straight, I cant pin it up while I'm at work... :) hehehe... so now a piece of this velcro looking thingy is on my head to keep my fringe from falling all over my face while i work n eat... wahahaha.... but i beta remember to take it off when I go out for lunch wor... tink i'll bring the other piece home to use...

WINNIE~~ can get this for our chio hairdo... :) Can get it at Far East or U can try SaSa or any Forum spree... cheap neh~ Less than SGD5!! :)

Monday, January 19, 2009

One down three to go...

Woke up ard 8.40am as I was supposed to meet up with my dearies at 10am at Tanjong Pagar MRT Station but I was so tired that I lazed in bed longer than expected... kekeke... :P in the end took a cab down to meet them and was 30min late... Ah rene was oredi there waiting even though she was 15min late... hehehe... :) den we waited for boss to come... :)

We then headed for brunch at the market and den headed down to the salon to get out hair done... I'm glad the 3 of us finished almost the same time... or rather ah rene was done 1st and then winnie and I about the same time...

I'm pleased with the end results of the rebonding... we started around 11.30am or so and left the place slightly after 3.30pm... 4 hours is the norm I take in a salon whenever I rebond/color my hair... kekek... this time round I didnt rebond the whole head cos the stylist, Peggy, said that the lower half of my hair was still very straight and then I should jus do the top part... I agreed to that as I didnt want to much chemicals on my head since I was oso gonna be coloring my hair :)

The rebonding and treatment was good but I'm a tiny winy bit disappointed with the color cos it didnt turn out the color it was supposed to be. I tink it's bcos the color wasnt left long enaf cos I know my hair takes a longer time to absorb. Instead of becoming a very dark shade of purple, it turned out brownish with a tinge of purple... :( but at least it beats having light brown hair anytime... :)

All in all, there was good company, lots of discussions and laughter while gettin our hair done :) I tink I might go back to do some hair treatment next time, if there is kakis la... if not den i'll jus go back to Rebecca to do treatment... :)

After that we headed down to Raffles City as Serene wanted to look for a red top and Winnie wanted to get her brows plucked... As Winnie only managed to book an appt at Bobby Brown at 5.30pm, we walked around looking for Serene's top... my my my... tis girl can be very fussy... kekeke... while walking at Dorothy Perkins, I came across this top that I kinda like and could match it with my 3/4 pants I bought the other day. So while Winnie had her brows done, Serene accompanied me back to DP so that I could give the top a try...

After 2 rounds of tryin, and being me, as I couldnt decide which color to get, I decided to get both since there was a 15% discount for payment under OCBC card... TSK!!! Who's supposed to look for a top and who ended up buyin sia... hahaha... Anyway~ this is the top that I bought and in 2 colors that no one has ever seen me in or expect that I will get... actuali purple have la but rarely n not in such a bright shade... kekeke... :) Tis year I tink I will HUAT big big liao... cos I'm buying clothes tat is SO not me and to top it up, the red top will make me look like a red chai ki walking around... hahahah... :)

As we were all famished, Serene recommended this steamboat place, Raja Inn, located at Tiong Bahru Plaza... kekeke... it's value for money... and I find much beta than Chong Qing~ kekeke... it's cheaper, has free flow of ice lemon tea/barley/lime and there is even desert... CHOCOLATE FONDUE!! YuMmY!!! We we so full that Winnie had a headache... kekeke... :)

Wat more can I ask for, great company + great food and each of us onli had to pay $23.50... Tink I'll go there one day with Garry and anyone who likes steamboat as much as me... :) Thanks to Winnie and Ah Too for a lift to Jurong East Mrt Station :) Heheh... Kinda sad that it's almost the end of the day and it's back to work tmw :( but good thing is that there's CNY to look forward to and I'll be happier cos I'll be on a long break... Took leave on Chu San and Chu Si so onli need to return on Fri... hehehe...

Well... now that my hair's done, there's jus 3 more things to prepare before CNY... that's to get my pedi done tmw, mani done on fri and supervise the bathin of Toby & Tamy on Sunday before we head off for our reunion dinner on Sunday nite... :) Hmm... I've yet to think of wat color to do my nails in... Hopefully I'll be able to decide by tomorrow... :)

Busy like a bumble bee.... :)

I would think that this weekend is the busiest weekend I've had since Christmas~ So many things to get n prepare but within such a short period of time... weekend was even shorter as I was working on Sat and could only start looking for CNY clothes after OT.

After OT, I went with Angie and Jessica to BHG to get... our TAMAGOTCHI!!!

Hahaha.... there is a latest version of Tamagotchi in the market that allows u to keep 3 pets at a time and u can even infrared to play games or get married!! Wats more, u can even send yr pets for holidays... hahaha... we decided to switch the device on at the same time together but as we each had to choose our own unique 5-letter family which is unchangeable, we decided to tink and choose wisely and switch it on on tues when i return to work... we can be so bo liao at times.... next to psycho to get this is Priya... :) hiak hiak hiak...

Anyway, I met up with Garry at Cityhall on sat and we made our way to MSQ and to 1 shop in particular :) I've been getting clothes from this shop a few times apart from shopping at Robinsons and Marks and Spencer... hehehe... It's a joy being able to find clothes that you like and that can fit you :)

My intention was to browse through the shop to see wat new buys they had and didnt expect myself to leave that place with 2 bags and $430 poorer... hehehe.... I must say apart from the jeans, the rest of the stuff I bought is not something that I would usually buy not to mention wear... kekeke... :) Hopefully, it'll not make me look weird... hehehe... these are my stash from the shopping spree on sat... :)

Imagine!~ I managed to find shoes in my feet size even at this shop... :)

I bought this black 3/4 pants cos I felt the cut looked reali nice on me... kekek... doesnt emphasise much of my elephant thighs... :) Had no intention of gettin jeans initially and this was like the last piece of item i tried and decided to get after spending almost 2 hours at that shop decidin on my other buys :)

Next, comes these 2 tunics... kekeke... :) I had been looking at the one with flower prints the minute i walked into the shop... somehow something abt tt top keeps grabbin my attention. Had no intention of gettin tt in the 1st plc cos its so unlike me... Flowers? White frilly lace? 3/4 sleeve?

In the end I decided to jus give it a try together with the jeans (tried the top with leggins at first and i couldnt stop laffin... 1st time i wore leggins n I felt like Robinhood Men in Tights) It looked kinda funny to me initially and made me look fatter cos of the frills at the bottom as well as the A-line cut... thankfully, the lady boss (Joanne) suggested that I try it on with a belt and she helped me adjust everythin and after awhile, it didnt look that bad... I Hope~ hahah.... :)

I also kept looking at the black tunic with mandarin collar... I decided to give it a try and felt that this top was able to carry 2 looks... formal n semi casual depending on wat u wear it with... the material is reali cooling too... which is why though its long sleeve, I decided to get it as well... hahaha... :)

This next top caught my eye the min I walked into the shop and it's one of the 1st items I tried during my 2 hrs there... It's satin and has a lace border around the base of the blouse... another so not me top rite... kekek... gave it a try together with the 3/4 pants and it looked so so at 1st... but as the top was very loose, it once again made me look fatter... hehee... Joanne said to try it with the belt... and WAHLA!! It looked better. In fact, it reali made alot of difference... This became the 1st item on the list... :P

This last piece is a shocker!!~ To me and everyone else... my 1st DRESS!!! Hahaha... :)

Can U imagine, apart from my school uniform n my wedding gown, I've never owned a dress... and for this to be my 1st one is a real shocker... why? Thought it's in black (which is the color that I tend to get clothes in most of the time), it's shocking bcos it has sequins, satin and most of all LACE!!! For a person who doesnt like Lace, there is a hell of a lot of lace for this dress... hahahah... :P But smehow, I like how it looks... and though its so formal and i know i wont have many opportunities to wear it, I decided to get it still... hehehe.... :)

A closer look at THE dress... hahaha.... :)

And so, these are my buys on sat... :) some of which I will be using for CNY :)

After that I met up with the girls for dinner and to celebrate Grace's bday at Pearl River Palace... the food I must say was good... the fish and prawns are delicious.... basically everything was good... even the desert... :) I hitched a lift from Lian Hoon back to Hougang to fetch Tommy and to get the car since he was goin for grooming with Toby & Tamy today...

Decided to go for car wash as the car was so dirty... kekeke... Tommy's 1st car wash experience... he looked kinda scared, worried but curious at the same time... :)

We brought all 3 of them for grooming this morning. Was supposed to be there by 11am cos our appt was at 11am, 12 and 1pm but as there was a chain accident involving 4 cars along PIE jus before the TPY exit, we were slightly late. Reached RPP around 11.20am and saw Emma being groomed by marc at that time. Tt girl was so cute, she was shivering on Marc's table and kept turning to look at us tinking that it was her mummy... kekek...

I left instructions with Chris on how I wanted them groomed... Tommy will have a shave down leaving only 3mm of fur since his fur grows super fast. For Toby, I wanted Marc to retain his eye lashes and the length of the tip of his eyebrow, shave the top short and try to retain the volume on Toby's legs as well as maintain the length of his skirting as I wanted to grow it back to how it used to be when we 1st went to RPP.... the lang sai legs n long flowy skirting... regreted changin groomers back then... *siGh* As for Tamy, apart from hafin the exact same cut as Toby, I wanted Marc to even out her eye lashes as 1 side has no more lashes (it smehw disappeared).

While waiting for Chris to update their card, I turned to see hw he groomed emma's leg... :) Marc had to stop a couple of time to talk to her n tell her that it wasnt her mummy who was watchin her... kekek... after everything, we left for lunch and to buy CNY goodies... while we were almost done getting the boxes of oranges and goodies, Chris called us ard 2.30pm to say that all 3 of them would be ready in an hours time... so off we went to send my MIL and her barang barang home, before bringin back our stuff and den back to RPP to fetch the furries... as always, I'm happy with the end results for all 3 of them... :) and the 3 of them were happy to see us once again...

A pic of Toby and Tamy taken a few days ago before they went for grooming... :)

And this is how they look like now... pics dun do justice cos i was using my HP to take the pics as I was too lazy to get the cam... :P also cos they were playing and the fan was blowing tt's why they look kinda messy... Promise to take better pics of them soon... in their CNY clothes :)

It's been a very long and tiring day for me today, I've been out since 10.30am this morning running errands and doing so many things... there wasnt any rest at all... so much buying to prepare for the coming CNY... I'm glad that I'll be on leave tmw... doing my hair with my 2 kakis... I still cant decide wat color I should do... Hmm... guess I'll decide later bah~

Next week will be a busy week too... apart from my hair appt tmw, there is pedi on tue nite and mani on fri nite... tsk tsk~ didnt manage to book a slot to do both mani n pedi this time round so have to spilt it into 2 sessions... but I'm ok with this since pedi normally lasts longer than mani anyway... kekeke... I guess Garry will have to bath the furries on sun while i supervise this time round... wouldnt wanna spoil the mani before CNY... kekeke.... :) Gotta get some rest liao... meeting my kakis at 10am... dun wanna be late... hahah... :)