Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~*~ Post Christmas ~*~

It's been a really hectic and tiring past week... on one hand, I'm glad it's over but on the other hand, I'm sad cos it means that I'll have to take the X'mas deco down real soon n there wont be any X'mas mood nor atmostphere at home or anywhere else liao... :( I'll miss X'mas... till I see you again next year... :) then I can use the lovely crystals tt my colleagues got me... hiak hiak hiak... maybe can get the gingerbread man myself too... Oops...

But on a brighter note, Chinese New Year is just around the corner... :) hehehe... down comes the X'mas deco n up goes the Chinese New Year one... It'll be the Year of the Ox... my my... time reali flies ah... amidst the preparation for this Lunar New Year season, I'll be busy working OTs on 2 sats... dread it... n I am hoping that they wont call for OT over the weekdays cos it is seriously very tiring... doubt I would do it anyway... I also have to make time to help mummy with the pineapple tarts... hopefully she does it on the weekend where I dun have to work as well as make time to get grocceries and other stuffs... *siGh*

Cant imagine that 3 weekends will pass jus like tt n it's Chinese New Year oredi... I haven even bought my new year clothes yet... Damn!!~ where got time man~ I'm whinning once again... hahaha.... ok ok I better stop cos I know I can whine on n on... On a brighter note, I chanced upon something while I was walking at Raffles City with Jessica after work on monday... and I thought it was a reali good buy and soooo.....

Ta Ta Ta Da!!~ :) Hehehe.... :Þ

Now I have a proper place to keep all my watches and I will feel more "relaxed" gettin those slighty more expensive watches tat I have been eyeing on or might chance upon next time... at least I know it wont get scratched or damaged when i keep it on the shelve of the cupboard since now that I have a proper compartment to keep it in... :)

Another happy thing is that... The dog tags that I ordered finally arrived... took them 15 days to ship and deliver them to me... though late but better late than never... hahaha.... check them out... :) I find them all so lovely and I tink I might wanna make the Xmas background tags for Toby & Tamy... It simply looks festive... hehehe... maybe for next X'mas... There are a few other designs that I kinda like as well... hmmm....

Anyway, it's New Year's Eve.... I'm on 1/2 day to day and Garry will end at 3.30pm... We'll be hafin a Popiah Party later tonite at LianHoon's place and I'll also be bringing my last tray of Lasagne... which I will bake later when I get home... hehehe... Zhi will get to try it since she wasn't in Singapore when I held my Year end party... Here's wishing everyone a Happy New Year & May all be blessed with a good year ahead... :)

Before I end my last entry for 2008, I wanna wish my parents...

HAPPY 30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY, Papa & Mummy!!!~ :)
Thanks for nurturing us to what we are today,
Thanks for the many sacrifices, guidance and for being our role models.
But most of all, Thanks for caring & loving us unconditionally.
We Love You Guys very very much...
Your 3 angels (Sara, Van & Rachel)
Your Son (Garry)
Your grand children (Terry, Tommy, Toby & Tamy) :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~*~ It was a Blast ~*~

Sara's and Van's present arrived a few days before Christmas!! Thank god~ or else I wouldnt know what to do since there wasnt much time left... kekeke... I got them these... Love the bronze pair and I'm tempted to get it for myself the next round... TsK tSk tsK!!~ :)

We went to Koko's plc for Christmas Carolling on 23rd and I took some shots there... Here's Gwen who is now 13 months or so... :)

And our guitarist who was strumming his strings and singing... :)

On our way to Hougang on Christmas Day~*~ Both Toby & Tamy were super excited... the minute we turned in from Yio Chu Kang Road towards Buangkok, both of them couldnt keep still in the car... heheh... :)

We ordered Christmas Dinner from USDB for the furkids and they had it on Christmas Day... they too had a feast while we had ours... yummy!~ :)

Pics of some of the stuffs that were given to our guests...

I made this paper bag for some of our guest who had a few stuffs to bring back... hehehe... :)

With Sara's help on the 26th, I made X'mas Cranberry Muffins for the furkids who couldnt cme join us at the party due to space constrain... I hope they love eating the muffins and the small gifts that we prepared for them :)

Alfred brought his papillon to our place... he's reali handsome... but extremely shy... Toby had to check him out for the longest time... I hope he didnt get too scared...

There were 2 babes with reali large eyes at our party as well... Check them out... :)

Here's more shots of Megan... she's such a doll... :) swayin to the music... heheh...

And here's Nicky doing the love thingy with Megan... :)

Here are the MS Kakis I gotta know from SPC and now hang out with... They are a reali cool group of people to be with :) Lots to learn & share from them... As the saying goes, it's the company that matters not the place... I'm sure we will always have a great time wherever we go... :) And the best thing is that all our 10 furkids are able to get along with each other as well... :)

Thanks to Serene for taking this pic of Tamy... keke... as usual she is on someone's lap... gettin carried the whole nite by different people... hahah... at least she doesnt look grouchy...

Of cos I had to take pics with my "Boss" and "Lobang Queen" too... :)

And this year, our Xmas tree seems to be the "in" place to have pics taken at... hahah... :)

We also celebrated Roro & Fer's birthday on Sat... I'm glad most of us were present to celebrate their birthday... Only missing one was Zhi as she was away for Holiday in HongKong... Hope she'll be able to make it for our gathering on 31st... Popiah Party at Lian Hoon's place :) YiPPy!!~

I have been wanting to take a shot of them for the longest time and I was finally able to on sat... Presenting...
Tammie & Tamy... :) Hehehe... My Manja girl was so nuah n kept lying on her lap... :) Seems like she likes to be carried by Tammie as well cos she kept smiling when we took pics which she hardly does... :P

Thanks to everyone who came with bottles of wine, boxes of chocolates and pressies for us as well as Toby & Tamy :) The furkids love their presents very much... And I love this pic of Ebi & Emma... which is now clipped on my fridge!~ Hehehe.... :)

And it seems like Toby loves it too... hahaha... one minute he was sniffing it, the next he was lying next to it...

The collars that I ordered from Serene arrived... Nice~ :)

Thanks to Winnie for these... U remembered that I like purple... heheh... :) and I will take a nice pic of Toby & Tamy n put it in the frame... :)

Thanks to Serene JieJie & Auntie Winnie... :) we love our toys and cant stop playing with it...

A special thanks to Cindy & Ben, YeeLing & QiSong, Joey & Vincent, Joelle & Richard, Zena & Jimmy, JacJac, Shirley, Michelle, Angie, Elna, Priya & Dinesh, Jessica & SiYuan, Jasmine & Ivan, Esther & David.... The gift u got us is really beautiful and we love it very much... :) It will be kept with love & care and used every Christmas... :)

Thanks to my sisters-in-law for these as well... Cute~ :)

After all the preparation, our party turned out to be a success!!~ Thanks to everyone who turned up and for all your well wishes and presents... I hope all of u had a blast and enjoyed yrself as well as the feast that we prepared specially for everyone :) I was too busy that I didnt have time to take pictures of the food at all... The 2 furkids were also busy entertaining everyone the whole day.

This is the only shot of one of us busy cutting the turkey... thanks to Serene for this shot once again... :)

I'm glad that I had everyone's help in looking out for them cos they can be reali mischevious & nottie at times :) hehehe... I hope that they didnt scare anyone at the party... they do look fierce at times but they are reali jus babies... heheh... :) Both of them were totally shacked out by1 am and they plonked themselves comfortably in the living room and slpt like logs...

It was slightly past 4am when the last group left our place, we did abit of clearing before we too headed off to slp. All 4 of us K.O immediately the minute we went into the bedroom and I only woke up slightly after 4pm today! Oh My!~ 12 hours without waking up... I cant remember when I last slpt this long... Hahah... Even Gora was almost done cleaning the house and Mr Lee had already did all the washing up...

It seemed that I wasnt the only one who hasnt recovered from the exhaustion... Toby as usual was nuahing on the floor next to the X'mas tree and Tamy was lazing on the sofa with Garry and she had to lie on top of the cushion that he was leaning against while watching tv.

All in all, the Christmas celebration was a success and though it's tiring, I'm glad to see many many happy faces and know that everyone is enjoying themselves. Heheh... this year's Christmas present wasnt too bad as well... I received the small Longchamp bag in red from my mum, my sisters bought me the Longchamp coin purse in red to add to the collection :) The hot pink Agnes B tote was a present I got for myself... heheh... Limited Star Edition only available in Japan...

I was surprised that Angie bought me something as well... :) Something that I told her I wanted to get cos I saw Cindy having it but I couldnt find... hehehe... Thanks for the surprise gift my Dear... :)

Mr Lee bought me a Seiko watch that I was eyeing on as well... hehehe... :)

A great way to almost end the year... with lots of new stuff to begin the new year with... hehehe... :) well... it's back to work again tomorrow... Damn~ I shall look forward to 31st as I'll be officially on 1/2 day and also the gathering with my buddies at Lian Hoon's place where we will be having our Popiah party... Somehow, I have a feeling that I'll be Chief Popiah Wrapper once again... hahaha... :)