Monday, March 30, 2009

~*~ Busy Saturday ~*~

Saturday was kinda hectic for us... we had to send my MIL to the chinese physician at Bedok in the morning. As we were running late, we sent the 2 furries to RPP before heading off to Bedok. We were at RPP slightly late for our 10am appointment and there were 2 other owners waiting to leave their dogs when we arrived...

Poor Marc was super shorthanded as 2 of his staff were on MC. After discussing with Marc on how I wan the both of them to be groomed, Mr Lee to ask if they were able to do dental as well and Marc said that it wasnt a problem...

After leaving RPP, we headed to Blk 18 in Bedok and decided to have breakfast at the nearby hawker center. My MIL and Garry had the famous char kway teow and I had the yong tau fu... yummy!!~ I ordered more stuff so we could share and for more than 15 items, it cost me only $5!!

After that we went to Ubi to do a testdrive on the Honda CRV... we have some plans but nothing is firm for now... hehehe.... Mr Lee jus wanna do a test drive on the CRV while we wait for, hopefully, good news... we will only get the news by the end of April... and hopefully if everything goes as planned, we might jus get our own ride soon... :)

After the test drive, it was off to Chinatown to fetch Sara... the weather was excruciatingly Burning on sat and to make matters worse, the aircon in my dad's car decided to crank up n die on us... OMG!~ I was almost dying from heat stroke... while on our way there, RPP called to say that the furries were ready so we made a detour to fetch them 1st...

We were supposed to go for the Car booth sale at East Coast but becos of the weather and hot ride, we decided to give it a miss and head off to home before sending the car to the workshop for them to take a look at the aircon... *siGh*

Now the 2 rascals have pearly white teeth... :) hehehe... the total cost for their grooming this round was $290. $90 for grooming and $100 each for dental... not too bad since we only do dental once a year for them :) Took some pics of them looking all clean and cool after the hot ride home earlier... hehehe... :P

My Babies looking all groomed and smelling lovely... :)

After we left the furries at home with the aircon on, we dropped my MIL off and headed for the workshop in Woodlands Industrial Park. The guy took a look and said that the aircon pipes were probably spolit but he needed a day to check... but since we needed the car, he said he'll pump gas 1st and to come back another day... well... beta than nothing la...

After pumping the gas it was SOOOoooo much cooler... *pHew* we headed home as we had to shower and go over to Hougang to fetch my parents and Van cos we were going to have dinner at Crowne Plaza Hotel located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 :) We were having an early birthday celebration for Mr Lee whose bday is on Friday :) hehehe...

The placed we went to was called Restaurant Azur. The ceiling of the corridor on the 2nd floor was like a water feature... kinda cool... i tink it's part of some fountain or something on the top... :)

The view of the hotel lobby from the 2nd floor and us walking to the restaurant... :)

The restaurant had an open kitchen... this is how the place looks like... pictures taken from the hotel website...

Pics of the restaurant interior. The lights were dimmed cos they were participating in the Save the Earth thingy that took place on saturaday :)

We were so hungry that I forgot to take pics of the spread that we had... there was sashimi, sushi, cold prawns, oysters, cold baby lobster, drunken prawns, 2 kinds of soup, pasta, salad, rojak, indian cuisine and lots of other stuff.... they also served 4 flavors of ice-cream from Häagen-Dazs... I only managed to get a pic of Sara having her Prawn Aglio Olio :P

After a few rounds of eating, it was photo taking time...

And then, it was pressie time :)

And den more pics were taken of the 2 dragons in the family... :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Schnauzer Gathering on 22 Mar 08 (Sun)

As usual, Serene, did a great job organising this outing and making sure that everything was planned and that we had enough food and stuff... Toby & Tamy had been looking forward to meeting their frenz and I was looking forward to seeing Ebi darling once again... :)

The minute we hit the Sentosa gantry, Toby & Tamy were standing thru out the drive to Tanjong Beach and Tamy couldn't stop whinning... sometimes I really wonder if it's coincidental or if they reali know that we've reached our destination.. :)

It was endearing to see Ebi running towards me when I called out to him from a distance :) He had this happy look on his face when he saw us approaching and started running to me... kekeke... Of cos I had to give him lots of rubs, hugs and kisses :)

The weather was fantastic... slightly cloudy n not too hot... it only got hotter when we were about to pack up n leave Sentosa... :) Serene and I took many pics and being the lazy me... I compiled everything into a short video... was supposed to upload it via youtube but becos of the songs i used, they muted it as it has not been authorized by WMG *siGh*

I've only managed to load it via Blogger which took quite a while so I hope you guys will enjoy this mini screen version... till out next gathering... :) We're oredi missing all of u guys...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Casulties of War... Dehydrated Treats....

Toby & Tamy have lots of toys and even though some of them get torn open from the many tug of wars they had, I cant bare to throw them away as they still look new... some of their toys have been casulties of war for a very long time and only today, Mr Lee decided to pick the needle & thread and stitch up their wounds. I think he had the sudden inspiration to be a seamstress... Hahaha.... :)

I must say his sewing skill is not too bad for a guy... small stitches that are rather close to one another... hahaha... :) and the finish results were "new" toys which includes a 1 wing purple flamingo (the other wing got torn and dropped off), blue bone pillow and 1 of Toby's favourite tug of war toy... :) Check out the recovering casulties of war below... :P

We've also finished the 1st batch of dehydrated treats and I must say the best smelling one is reali the pork slices... It smells so delicious that even I feel like taking a bite... hahaha... :) The salmon was so oily and fishy... it might probably be our 1st and last time drying that... hahaha...

The next round of treats are red & green apples as well as grapes... well the grapes are actuali for me... hahahah... :) I hope I can achieve the same end results as the raisins that the sales auntie made... hehehe... as for the apples, I thought of slicing them in whole circles and did so with the green apples whilst the red apples I continued slicing it as thin a wedge as I could... can't wait to see the finish product tmw... :P

We decided to give some samples of dehydrated treats to some of Toby & Tamy's paw frenz @ my work place as they had so much of dehydrated treats in the fridge... hahaha... So, I started packing them in small sandwich bags and these would go to Bebe, Kryster, Yoshi, Shiro, Buddy and Smokey :) We hope that they'll love the treats as much as Toby & Tamy do and if it's good, do buy them from us ya... hahaha.... :P