Saturday, February 28, 2009

~*~ 2 Bs - Baby Shower & Birthday ~*~

We went to LianHoon's place this afternoon as it was Elgin's 1st month celebration. I've not seen this little fella since we heard news of his birth cos I was busy at work and also becos I was very sick during that period and didnt want to spread and germs to this little boy...
Presenting our charming baby boy, Elgin Yeo Yi Da... born on 31 January 2009 at 2.31pm...

He's such a cute little boy... doesnt cry much and sleeps most of the time like all babies... even when the house was so very noisy... nothing could wake him up if he didnt want to... We've been at their place since afternoon and haven reali heard him cry. Maybe only once when he woke up in the earli evening and it was for a short period of time... kekek... his crys are also not very loud like other babies... seems like he's an easy boy to take care... which is good... den mummy will be able to get lots of rest as well... :)

After all the stretching, yawning, goo-goos and gaa-gaas, it was feeding & burping time...

This little fella has no care in the world... it was rather noisy and we were tryin to make him stay up but he jus didnt bother... after a good meal it was time for sleep again... and he didnt care that we were rubbin his cheeks and chin the whole time... hahaha... :) I'm sure we'll get our retribution when he grows older and cant stop talkin n running.. but for now it's our turn to disturb him while we can. Hahaha... :Þ

While LianHoon & Eugene were busy clearing up the buffet... we were busy taking more pics of Elgin with his angbaos from us... :) hehehe.... the angpaos look bigger than he is... :)

Here's a picture of the Happy Yeo Family... :) Edison was too busy playing war craft with Eugene's friend and didnt wanna come over for the family portrait... wat a waste it was... I'm sure it would have turned out very nice... :)

The 1st "baby" of the family... GiGi... she's now the eldest of the 3 but still as notti n greedy... hehehe... she was whinning n barking the whole time we were there as she was kept in her playpen due to the crowd until almost evening when she was allowed to be out n roaming around.

We also celebrated LianHoon's birthday... though it was a day late... kekek...

Happy Birthday LianHoon!!~
We sang the birthday song and took more pics :)

The ice-cream cake was so hard that Eugene went to get the chopper!!! Hahaha... 1st time seeing someone use a chopper to cut the cake... hahaha... :)

And I had to take another shot of both Edison and Elgin sleeping jus before we left them in the room and entertained ourselves outside... :)