Sunday, July 26, 2009

~*~ Yew Tee-ian's Steamboat Gathering ~*~

For some, these may just be words that give meaning to a sentence. But for others, they are not only meaningful, but it symbolises a new journey, a commitment of a lifetime that they pledge to one another. These are the very vows that Marcel & ShuLynn have promised to each other.

The Yew Tee-ians and an intruder were invited to a dinner gathering at Marcel & Shu's Love Nest on Saturday :) They've been married for 2 months and this gathering is the 1st that Marcel & Shu has organised. We're their 1st batch of guinea pigs and they have prepared for us STEAMBOAT!!! Yummy my favourite!!~ :)

We were the 1st to arrive at their place and had the priviledge of doing the 1st walk around. I must say that their renovation was nicely done!~ :) The color theme for the whole house was very earthly. Khaiki colored walls and white tiles and fixtures :) Though I'm not a fan of white, I like the feel of it at their place... hehehe... They have inspired me to think about repainting our house soon :Þ And when I do so, I'll know who's going to be looking at color charts with me... hahahah... I haf many pple in mind~

This is their cosy loving room~ By the way, I love this " curtain" thingy. 2nd time I've seen it. 1st was at Priya's place. heheh... I might do something similar when we make a 2nd set of curtains for our place... :)

A view of their dinning area from the living room and their lovely kitchen!! I'm a sucker for red and this was nicely done... esp the oven part... regretted not makin something like this for our place... Oh Well!~ maybe when we get our next plc? Hahah... I wonder when...

Shu made this sticker thingy for the sliding door in the kitchen and their wedding vows which were on the wall behind the bed frame.

After the Loks arrived, we started preparing for dinner as the intruder was on her way over... hehehe...

Both Mr Lees (who happen to be Hakkas as well) busy adding food into the pot for our 1st round of feasting... :)

Yum Yum Yum!!~ :) Soup was made from corn, carrot n bak kut... :) Not bad for their 1st attempt!~

What's steamboat without mixing chilli and sng kum juice!~

After dinner, everyone helped to clean up and Shu prepared dessert for us!~ :) We had waffles with ice-cream & chocolate syrup! Yummy!~ Heheh.. she also brought out the Durian Puffs & Chocolate Ecclairs that I bought! Everyone was STUFFED!!! :P

This mini gathering consisted of 2 pair of Lees, The Loks and The future Mr & Mrs Tan :P

Our Intruder, Grace, aka Choo Poh Poh, happened to be able to play the piano~ Heheh... Shu also learnt how to play the piano when she wasn young. Amazing rite... when I saw the piano, I cant help recalling how it was like having my piano teacher use the ruler to smack down on my knuckles when I was younger... Oh man~

Soon, there was music being played or rather a few chords of it... hehehe... After many many tries and after someone who kept saying this...

A duet was finally played and it was rather decent too... :)

Even little Megan had her 1st piano lesson... Doe a deer a female deer, Rae a drop of golden sun, Mi a name I called myself, Fa a long long way to run, So a needle pulling thread, La a note to follow So, Ti a drink with jam and bread, that will bring us back to Doe oh oh oh, Doe rae me fa so la ti do so doe~ :)

And after that, there was a solo performance of Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars jus for Mega :) and of cos more of the chanting of I need Scores I need Scores... hahaha.... Shortly after our mini concert, we decided to take a group photo and it was at this time that my cam batt decided to go flat and I had to borrow this pic frm Richard's blog :)

Soon, it was time for the Loks to head home as it was past Princess Megan's bedtime and soon after they left, we made our way home as well!~ :) It was fun having this gathering and a chance for everyone to get together & hang out with our partners and to bitch about everything and anything!~ Thanks for Having Us Marcel & Shu :) We'll have more of such gatherings soon ya... hehehe... :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

We've been cooking dinner quite frequently off late... and it was my turn last nite to be the chef... Hence, I decided not to haf to go thru all the hassel of cooking a few dishes and decided to jus throw everything into the wok and cook my all-time favourite FRIED RICE!!! :) Hehehe... I love hafing fried rice and I dun get sick of it :)

Chopped Garlic and Slices of Ham...

Diced Hotdogs and Crabmeat...

French Beans & Diced Carrots...

Eggs... Before & After...

My Masterpiece... before eggs were added and after... :) Yummy!!~

Oh and Mr Lee cooked 1 of my fav soup... WaterCrest with Pork Ribs... :) I love Soup!~

The furries were playing while we were having dinner... as always chasing each other around the house and biting one another... playing with their toys and messing up the whole place. After which, they will each find their own corner or favourite spot and start being a LUMP. This continues thru the nite unless either Garry or myself head for the kitchen and they will start following thinking that they'd get their treats... And if they dont, it's back to being a LUMP!~ :P

Monday, July 20, 2009

~*~ Shop Shop Shop ~*~

I'm spending even before I get my bonus not to mention pay... Hee.... :P It's a disease and it's contagious and can spread like wild fire!! I wonder if there are any organisation such as Shopaholic Annonymous or not. Hahaha~ I know many pple who like me cannot resist the temptation to shop & buy all the time...

I tink I'm considered an average shopper in the sense that I try to shop within my means. I've noticed that the items I buy now are mostly from sprees as they are much cheaper as compared to getting them from the boutique itself. This also means that it's payment in the form of cold hard cash. Oh my~ My credit cards have not seen light for quite awhile... hmm... Good? Bad? I dunno... I jus love to shop~ hehehe... :)

2 weekend back while I was at Upetgamart, I bought this... kekeke... was supposed to get it online and good thing I didnt cos it was selling at only $25 at Upet... *phew*

Den on Friday, I met up with Sara, Grace & Garry at bugis for dinner... After that we headed down to Pet Lover's to get shampoo. I needed to get another bottle of WoW as it works well on Toby and I decided to try Ice On Ice as well... kekeke... Hopefully it helps to detangle easily and keeps dirt off the fur... :)

While browsing, I came across this collar that came in 3 colors, Red, Black and Gold. I was kinda sceptical about it at 1st and didnt want to touch it cos it looked nice and 1 thing abt PLC is that they price their items higher compared to other places... I couldn't keep my itchy hands off the collars so I took 1 down jus to check it out... kekeke... looked at the price tag and it was less than $7!! OMG~ I immediately started choosing 1 for Toby and another for Tamy. As there was not many pcs of red left, I decided on the Gold. As it was cheap, Sara bought a pair for Terry and Tommy too... :)

And becos my purchase exceeded $40, a poop bag holder and an extra poop bag refill was given as free gift... :) hehehe...

Well, our buying didnt stop at PLC. We started walking around while having our yummi yogurt and we eventually walked into 1 of the watch shops in Bugis Juntion.... we were looking around and Sara suddenly said she found 1 of the watches that I was looking for!!! WooHoo~ She happened to be with me when I saw another girl using this watch in the train on our way to causeway point months back... wakakaka... :P There was a 20% discount on this model as well...

As I'd be getting a so-called bonus in this month's pay, I decided to get something for myself instead of spending the cash and not know where it all went to... :) Yippy!!~ A new watch and 1 that I have been searching for... :) Sara ended getting the same pair as welll cos she also liked it alot... hahaha... Tough decision between the leather strap or bracelet but the bracelet won in the end :)

I was also surfin online sometime last week and came across many Coach sprees... there were some organisers who offered the same item at a higher price and some at a ower price... I've had my eye on this model for months since when it was published on the Coach website until it arrived in the Singapore Boutique...

Had my hands on it n tried carryin it in the shop when I was there with Esther... Couldnt bring myself to get it then as it had a whopping price of about S$800 if I recall correctly. Den I went on a search for this bag... found someone who was selling this at $500+ and another at $600+!~ Still too high a price for me... so waited and waited till NOW!!! :) There seems to be a huge sale at the Coach Stores in USA and this is 1 of the bags that are selling FAST!!! :P

Found someone who was selling this at $420 and another at $410 hence I decided to get it as this model was no longer available online and I've been wanting to get it for months... so emailed the seller and she sent me some pics of the bag that she has in-stock in USA :)

The front and back view...

The inside lining... :)

I tink this time round, I made a deposit too quickly as the other seller was willing to sell it to me for $398 for reg mail & $390 for self collection... Oh well~ at least I got my hands on the bag. And most importantly, she was very nice and friendly... :) Hehehe.... I'm asking her to help me source for other stuffs as well... when she can~ :)