Sunday, August 29, 2004

Oh Yes!!!! I found the error!!!

Wahaha.... i did it! Was kinda a shock when i visited my blog few weeks ago. Was tinking to myself oh damn wat happened to my blog!!! Goodness it got re-directed to another site each time sia... wahlauz... i almost had a heart attack ah! Cant believe the whoe blog jus disappeared like tt man! Heheh... thank god i finally manage to find the mistake and now it's back... heng sia :P

i guess it's been pretty sometime since i last updated this. Either i couldnt find the time or i was simply to lazy to come online lor.. kekek... :P been kinda free at the new work place for the 1st 2 weeks or so la.. din haf much to do n there wasnt anyone i cld talk to as well... can u imagine tt or not... piangz eh i seriously felt like a loner man! the 3rd week was totally different. Got to noe some others at work n also managed to talk n haf lunch with them... as usual la... managed to click with a few of them n realised tt they were like my ex-colleagues... kekek.. now haf lunch n faggin kakis liao.. hahah... :)

Work has been starting to pile up now... haf a few events that i've to coordinate n oversee.... an eye-opener man... get to learn lots of things since most of the events are held overseas... kekeke... so lots of things to learn n all lor.... from here got to noe some of the workin style and attitude of some of my colleagues... can be reali bitchified sia some of them... dun tink will name any names here la. Beta to be safe than sorry... hahah... :) My boss wont be in for the next week since his wife jus gave birth yesterday! hahaha... but oredi left me with work to do... damn... kena work with someone tt i'm starting to dislike.... *siGh* gotta pray to god to give me strength and patience to be able to work with her n be able to tolerate and haf patience man!

Week end flew past jus like tt n it's monday again tmw... *SiGhz* sian lehz sometimes when i tink abt it... :( but lucky thing is that now i haf kakis at work so it wont be tt boring... in a way, i dun mind goin to work noein tt i'll haf pple to gossip with. hahah.... oh ya bumped into some of my colleagues yesterday while i was in town but as usual that particular grp of pple damn fuckin stuck up sia! Saw me but tried to pretend tt they din. Cant be bothered oso la... they can kiss my ass for all i care....