Monday, November 24, 2008

I did some X'mas shopping on Sat but before that, Garry & I went for lunch at Crystal Jade (yummy).... I've completed about 80% of my pressies liao!!~ :) Which means that I won't have to rush with the crowd in December... who cares about being able to get cheaper bargains then... At least I wont have to rush and squeeze with the crowd... hehehe... :D

Anyway, we went to Market Place @ Paragon to do some groccery shopping and we decided to get the ingredients for making Lasagna as I was thinking of making it for this years' Xmas gathering. This was my 1st time making Lasagna at home... kekeke... love eating it but never tried making it... The end result was quite good... kekeke.... Here's my own recipe for making Lasagna... Rachel Pte Ltd… kekeke… :Þ


Minced Beef / Pork
Chopped Onion
Chopped Tomato
McMaster Mixed Herb
McMaster Grounded Black Pepper
Abit of Olive oil
Tomato base pasta sauce (any flavor) – I used Prego Mushroom & Herb
Mozerella Cheese - Grated
Pasta Sheet (It’s some Italian brand… Sorry I forgot the name)


1. Fry ½ the portion of chopped onions till fragrant.
2. Throw in the minced beef/pork, mixed herb and black pepper and stir fry till meat is ½ cooked. Switch of the fire and leave filling aside.

Switch on your oven to around 180 degrees at this stage to preheat it.

3. Pour in about 1 tablespoon of Olive Oil into the casserole.4. Line 1 piece of pasta sheet into the casserole.
5. Spread a layer of pasta sauce.
6. Spread a layer of meat filling.
7. Spread a layer of chopped tomato, onions then cheese.
8. Line 1 piece of pasta sheet into the casserole.
9. Repeat Steps 5 – 8
10. Cover the top layer of the pasta sheet with mozzarella cheese.
11. Cover the casserole with aluminum foil.
12. Bake the Lasagna at 180 Degrees for 30-40min. After which, remove the aluminum foil and bake for 15min or until the top layer turns brown.

WaLa!! Yr Lasagna is done…:)

I brought my creation to work today... hopefully they reali liked it... kekeke... :) I've decided to make lesser Beef Lasagna and more Pork Lasagna since I realise that there are quite a few on my guestlist who dun take beef... Discussing with Angie and I tink I'll most probably make like 1 Beef and 2 Pork... I cant imagine the amount of cheese n pasta sauce I would require man... Ok ok haf to plan properly... So guys, this Lasagna is while stocks last ya... :)

As I was watching TV last nite after a hearty dinner, Tamy decided to get nuah n stick next to me on the sofa and I caught some pics of her cos I felt she looked so cute... :) Totally not the devil cum destroyer that she is....

I LOVE these 2 pics of her... If only she behaves as angelic as she looks.... :Þ

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bits & Pieces of what's been going on....

Well, 1st of all, I've been attacked by the flu bug! Been down since last tuesday nite n had been on MC since then. Only came back to work yesterday but still I haven recovered. Visits to the doc were futile as the medicines that he gave me didnt seem to have any effect on me. I had 2 rounds of change for the flu medicine but still it wasn't effective... Seems like this flu bug is rather persistent...

I went to another doc last nite whose clinic is not under the panel of clinics covered by my company... this visit cost me a BOMB!!! YiKes!~ It was the most expensive medical bill I ever incurred... somehow the medicines look foreign to me but they somehow taste not too bad... ok except for the nose pump that is... I hope this time the medicines work out...

I also managed to set-up the Xmas tree the previous week and put up some of the deco around the house... good thing all these were up before the attack of the flu bug :) At least, I completed something to usher in the festive season... cant imagine puttin it up now with this persistent flu n coughin that comes more frequent at nite. This year is Tamy's 1st Xmas with us and she was kinda busy familiarising herself with the ornaments, especially the 2 reindeers... Here's a glimpse of our Xmas deco... :)

Apart from decorating the house, we also ordered some of the food below in various quantities that would be served during our Annual Xmas cum Year End Gathering on 27 Dec :) I hope it'll be sufficient for our guests since it's a whole day event from 1pm till late... hehehe... I am so looking forward to this and reali hope that all our invited guests would be able to join us in merry making... :) So... Be There or Be Square!!~ Heheheh.....

I would also be making some home-cooked Oxtail Soup, Shepperd's Pie (Minced Pork & Minced Beef fillings), bowls & bowls of mashed potato, potato salad, vegetable salad and pita bread.

There would also be some cakes to go along as dessert if u still have room after all the eating... :)

After all the spending, we accumulated enough on a single receipt to exchange for these... Cute rite!!~ Hehehe... Here's Toby checking out Little Miss Neat at the corner... hahaha.... :)

Apart from the umbrella, there is also a table calendar which is also very cute...

The character for October is Mr Tinkle... He looks kinda goofy with those extended long arms... hahaha.... but still cute in a way I guess.... :)

I like December most... It's Mr Christmas... Ho Ho Ho... and the whole page looks vert festive, even the individual boxes for the dates had a pic of a present... :)

The best thing about this calendar is that it comes with STICKERS at the back~ Hahah... Angie has oredi kapo-ed 3 stickers from me... :) kekeke... We are suckers for cute stickers la...

The 2 furries are also coping well, but Tamy made a big boo boo recently and she got a good spanking for that... the whole house was a mess when we came home last weekend. She must have been playing n running around with Toby and accidentally knocked one of the X'mas ornaments down... and being a kpo that she is, she must have gone to check it out n ended shreading it into pieces... so there was styrofoam pieces everywhere... n to top it up, she learnt how to shread n pull pieces of tissue out of the box to complete the whole mess.... :(

Things have improved in one way or another. Yesterday, we went home to a relatively clean house. No shreaded ornaments or tissue paper, however, there was a few pieces of poo n a small puddle of pee behind the sofa... so once again, she got punished for it. Well, she's received a good present from me for creating such a mess on both occasions which I believe she wont forget anytime soon.

Here's are some miscellaneous pic of them... sleeping in the same bed together and Tamy in a high post that we place her in jus to entertain ourselves abit... She's got abit of a chicken heart... hehehe... :)

Oh yes!!~ I finally remembered to post these pics of Tamy and how I tie her beard every nite before dinner time... Serene... this is how I do it lor... :) hehehe... Makes Tamy alien looking but makes the cleaning more of a breeze after her dinner....

Well, till my next update... Here's my Darling Toby signing off... :)

Monday, November 03, 2008

~*~ Happie 20th Sara ~*~

I celebrated my birthday on friday with my girlfriends at Chong Qing, Tanglin... It's been some time since we went to that outlet... I remembered the 1st time when I was there, I was overwhelmed by the smell from the Ba Bao Cha... Now that I'm a frequent steamboater at Chong Qing, the smell is nothing to me... :) Everyone had a really good time and lots to eat...

My delicious Choco Exotic from Four Leaves... Abit bored of the Mango one... heheh... :)

A red medium size Longchamp bag from the girls to add on to my collection :) Thanks a bunch guys~ Love it to bits... heheh... :)

Then it was time for more cam whoring... :)

Our group pic (missing Terence) and another one with jus the girls (missing Alethea)... :)


Welcome to the 20s Club, Sara!!! :) Sara celebrated her 20th Birthday on Ssat and we had BBQ in Hougang... there wasn't many pple as most of Sara's frenz were working. In the end, only our family, koko's family, Siew Cheng, LianHoon & family as well as Grace were present... :) We still had a good time... I shall jus let the pics do the talking.... :)

While waitin for my dad to come, I did what I like best, taking shots of the furkids cos they looked all fluffy n clean after their brushing... heheh... :)

My Little Princess... :)

My Charming Boy... Always smiling... :)

T&T: "What's Daddy doing in the kitchen?"

Toby: "Oh God!~ Mummy's still holding on to her cam after so long!!~"

Toby: "Look at mummy, Tamy, so that she'd be done taking pics of us to add to her collection."

Toby: "Alrite alrite... I know I'm the handsomest amongst us 4... Smiling for the camera..."

Tamy: "Oh, mummy look... Korkor is sniffing my butt..."

T&T: "Are we going yet?"

Tamy: "Daddy~ what are u doing?"

T&T: "Oooo... what's this? *sniff* *sniff*

T&T: "It's our dehydrated treat!!! I want mummy... I want..."

We went down to wait for papa since Toby had to pee and poo as well... but we forgot some stuffs so Garry went back up with Tamy while I stayed dwnstairs with Toby. After he did his business, out came my cam and I took some pics of him... Since it looked reali nice with the greenery around, I took more pics of the 2 of them when Tamy came down... :)

T&T: "Huh!~ Who's tt familiar person walking towards us mummy?"

Toby: "It's Grandpa! Silly!~"

Tamy: "Hmm... Reeali?

After collecting the Neem powder from Blue, we went back to Hougang to prepare the kebabs... once that was done, it was cam whore time and I decided to take some pics of all 4 furkids since we hardly ever have any pics of them close to one another...

Boy was this a Challange!!! It was so difficult trying to get all 4 of them to sit and stay together at the same time. There was always 1 rascal who will be standing or running... looking at another direction... Arrgghhh....

See!! 3 looking at 1 direction while Mr Horse day dreams away... dreaming of greener pastures is it, boy?? It doesnt get any better than what u have with us wor...

Our 2nd attempt in getting a group photo... God help us... we were all perspiring by then... :(

T&T: "We're still the best! Trained by mummy after hafin to go thru her many photo session. Sitting n not moving unlike those 2 spotted ones..."

Tamy: "Aiya Mummy!! U see this Terry Korkor! Legs so long n cant sit properly. He looks like he's about to poop."

All 4 of them kpoin as Garry was setting the fire for the BBQ outside... :)

Another try to get all 4 seated next to one another but with such unglam background... :(

Since everyone was outside, the furballs also had their share of noise with us... :)

And Edison was the happiest as he got to run around the playground and take pics with the furballs... :) He likes Big GiGi aka Mr Horse the most... hahah... :)

Check out how stuffed the fridge was with all the goodies... Good thing the cake had not been delivered yet or else there wouldnt have been space at all~ This was where our make shift pit was located... Hehehe.... an advantage of living on the 1st floor... :)

O0o0o... we had lots of food... and the beef kebabs and streaky bacon wrapped with golden mushroom, shitake mushroom and asparagus was a hit!! Woo hoo...

The sinful chocolate cake that I ordered from Awfully Chocolate... Yummy!!~

Presenting, our Birthday Girl...

The crazy youngsters.... yes I still consider myself young hor... ;) and who's that u may ask standing in between Ryan and Van? Well, that's my "little" cousins girlfren, Sharmaine... I hope I get her name spelled correctly... :)

Our special guest... oops... missing Grace... :) Hahaha....

Hey Hey, I tot of a brilliant idea to get all 4 of furball to take a pic together since the failed attempt in the afternoon... TADAAA!!! Presenting The Fantastic 4 :D

T&T: "Hmmm.... Auntie Van & Sara wanted us to be arranged according to our age... *siGh* Here we go again!!~ :( Terry korkor!!! So stupiak ah... cannot sit for long..."

Are we done yet mummy?

Finally!! We are done... it's treats time... YiPPy!!~ :)

Errr.... Huh? Mummy, I tot we were done?

Tamy: "Aiyo grandpa... look at mummy!! She jus cant leave me alone to rest... I'm SOoo tired and wanna sleep oredi..."

Tamy nuahing against her grandpa.. :) She's the only 1 amongst the 4 who dares to do this to her grandpa... the 3 boys always behave with caution whenever grandpa is around... heheh...

We left Hougang around 2am and by the time we reached home, the 2 furballs K.O. and went to bed the minute they were told... hahah... I didnt have to repeat a 2nd time... but, they went into the wrong beds lor... hahaha... didnt have the heart to correct or move them cos they looked so tired and worn out from the day's activity and entertaining... :)