Thursday, February 14, 2008

~*~*~ HaPpiE VaLenTiNe's D@Y!!! ~*~*~

Time of the year again where prices of a bouquet would hit the roof... riduculous i find how people would spend so much jus to get flowers on 14 Feb 08... cant get it on any other day? Hmmm.... anyway thank god im not into flowers... hahaha...

Sincce it was V'day, thought I'd get smething for my kakis at work... so went to BJ after work... n i dragged Chitra along... wahaha... she didnt know that she was helping me her own flower as well... kekeke... :) Anyway gave my fushia roses to Esther, Jasmine, Elna, Chitra, Jessica and Josephine... n I bought 1 Red rose that came with Winnie the Pooh for Priya... wakaka... :)

Chitra's Spongebob with the rose... Hmm...

Esther's bunny sitting on the stem of the rose....

Woohoo... Priya lookin pleased with her flower :Þ

Anyway was talking to Angie and got some new pics of Nicky... Handsome fella... :)

Well... V'day would be just about the same as any other day for me... hehehe... :P not gonna be celebrating i guess... jus going out for dinner... hahaha... :)

Here's a little something for you lovebirds out there... and for those who are still single or heartbroken... fret not... Love is always in the air... maybe it's jus not your time yet ;) but remember... there are many people around you, like me, who love you.... *hUgz* Happy Valentine's Day!!!

There are gifts of many treasures
For both the young and old,
From the tiniest little trinkets
To great boxes filled with gold.

But, put them all together
And they could not stand in lieu,
Of the greatest gift of all
The gift of knowing you.

When your times are filled with troubles
Sadness, grief, or even doubt,
When all those things you planned on
Just aren't turning out.

Just turn and look behind you
From the place at which you stand,
And look for me through the shadows
And reach out for my hand.

I will lift from you your burden
And cry for you your tears,
Bear the pain of all your sorrows
Though it may be for a thousand years.

For in the end I would be happy
To have helped you start anew,
It's a small price to pay
For the gift of knowing you.

Monday, February 11, 2008

~*~ Long but Busy weekend ~*~

Busy busy busy... since chu xi we've been sleepin late and waking up earli in the morning to either go bai nian on chu yi or wait for visitors to pop over my parent's plc for visiting on chu er... there was also a Teo Family gathering on chu shan at my parent's plc... n we went over to Lian Hoon's plc for popiah n mahjong yesterday... wahsay shack sia... n today it's back to work... :(

The sickening thing about having to come back to work today is that u receive idiotic emails from your boss telling u... that's the key word here... that there is COMPULSORY OT next sat! WTF sia... She even had the cheek to tell u that she "does not want to disrupt your plans for the festive period but have to call for compulsory overtime on 23 Feb (Sat) and that working hours is from 9am to 5pm!" Damn it! Spoil the mood for the next 2 weeks sia... *aRgH*

Sometimes I wonder if there is even such a thing as COMPULSORY OT or not?? To make matters worse, in my company, if you can't make it for their compulsory OT, you would have to "make-up" for the OT on weekdays!! That's if they allow you to do it as they don't encourage it as they are afraid that everyone would follow suit!! &%$%@.... &*^!&@^.....

Dun wan to tink so much about this and spoil my mood further! Took many pics over the CNY period.. of cos not forgetting my darling Toby... hahah... took some pics of him in his new cheongsum top... handsome or nt? Hahaha.... =)

My 2nd family and the 5 rascals....

Pretty Grey Eyes... Little Gwen.... I'm serious!

Lovely greyish eyes with long lashes...
Last saw her during X'mas but she has changed so much oredi.... :)

Our 1st CNY Family pictures... with Terry and Toby of cos... :Þ

Grandaunts, uncles and aunties...

3 Generations @ the Teo Family Gathering...
We are all manufactured from the same mould and factory... hahaha.... Spotted any resemblences?

So far, the best news I've heard for today is that KK's going to France in March for training.... and that I might finally be able to get my LV bag and wallet... kekeke... hopefully he's able to get the ones that I wan... hmm... or else... maybe can ask Thea when she goes to Zurich in March... but is there tax rebate... Hmmm..... the next best person to ask is Eileen or maybe Jeff.... I hope he'll be travelling to Paris sooonnn.... hahaha.... =Þ where else can we get tax rebate huh? huh?

Anyway, I've shortlisted the following items... Initially I wanted to get the Monogram Speedy 30 but after seeing the Tivoli PM, I fell in love with it... mmmm..... *dreaming...*

Monogram Speedy 30???

Mini Lin Monogram??

Or Tivoli PM??

Monogram Alexandra??

Or Monogram French Purse??

Can't really decide which to get... if onli I could get all... hahaha... day-dreaming sia... Dream Dream Dream... Thinking of which bag and wallet to get... hehehe.... till then.... =)