Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wow~~~ 2 more months to the BiG DaY!!!

I can't believe how fast time flies.... especially now when i'm so bz with work and preparations for our wedding!! :) Weekdays pass by in a blink n weekends pass even faster! Goodness! There's so many things to do during the weekends... i cant remember whens the last i actually slpt without having to wake up earli jus to get something done.... goodness.... i'm jus waiting for the actual day to come... till then... life goes on...i'll survive the lack of slp... :P

anyway here are some of the pics i've taken of the hse that's before and in the midst of bein renovated.... will take some after reno n update later... We just had our indoor photoshoot's some of the photoshoot photos that we managed to take... hope u like it... :)

These are the final perspective of the house:

Before renovation:

During Renovation:

Our Wedding Photo Shoot (Indoor):