Tuesday, March 25, 2008

~*~*~ My 1st LV Bag ~*~*~

Garry left for China on Sat morning and I have been staying over at my parents plc over the weekend. Hmm... can't wait for him to come back on Sunday. Only when a person is away then you realise how much their pressence means to you. *siGh* Anyway I came home yesterday and got to sleep on my cozy bed with Toby of cos :) Hehe... so shiok~ even Toby didnt wake up when I did to get ready for work... he continued lazing on the bed lor. Onli lifted himself up when I opened the door to go out *peNgz*

Reached office earli so decided to get breakfast and bumped into Hazel when I was walking back. Wat a way to start the day man... Today's web order was a killer !! So much to do and it seemed like it was neverending. Took quite long for me to complete it. Sheesh!~ Only completed it after lunch. Heng I still managed to finish everything on time. While at work, I decided that today was going to be the day I bought my bag!! Hehehe... :)

Initially arranged to meet Zhi and Sharon for dinner at Big O after work today... In the end, I emailed them and told them that I wanted to pop by the Louis Vuitton shop cos I wanted to get my bag. Decided to go to the outlet at Hilton Hotel. Hehehe... since that was the place I bought my wallet from. Dun quite like the SAs at the outlet at Ngee Ann. Abit atas la.

Hahah... it was pouring when I reached Orhard... cham man... during the whole time, I was worryin how I would carry the bag out of the store while on my way to Hilton... heheh... while browsing around the store, one of the SAs who was helpin another buyer pack her purchase started puttin this transparent plastic over the paper bag and I was relieved. hehehe... the paperbag had a raincoat!! hahaha.... =)

Anyway I compared between the Monogram and Damier and finally decided to go with the Damier although I would love to get the Monogram as I would then have the complete set since my wallet and coin purse was in Monogram. But... maintance la... I'm sure I'll be very heartache when I see the leather stains on the side and especially on the handle. So better not... heheh.... my investment have to look good even after 10 years :) Heheh...

Finally made my purchase but I forgot to ask them for a catelogue!! *pEngz* It was still raining but by then we were all so hungry we just made our way to Big O. Ordered our food and boy was it delicious. The Rum & Raisin shake was ggggoooooddddd!!! =) Sat there talkin and talkin until pass 10pm before making our way home...

Took these 2 pics of my prized purchase which now makes me a Pround & Happy owner of my dream bag... The Speedy 30 in Damier design... woo hoo~ =Þ

Here's a pic of my paperbag with it's raincoat on...

And another pic of my prized treasure on my cozy bed...

Now that I've gotten this, it's 1 item off my wish list... hahaha... :) Will be starting to save for the other bag which I'm targetting to get in October... so if u guys are tinking of getting me something for my bday... please jus give me the cash... heheh... :) I think it would probably be either the Palermo or the Tivoli, which has the monogram prints on it. In which size I guess I will just decide later. Hmm.... would the lighter part get stained? Aiyoz... I tink I will leave the headaches for later... and be happy with my Speedy for now, which I tink I will only start using this weekend when I go and fetch my Darling from the airport :)

K la I better go off and sleep liao. Was supposed to do my PDR but I kept gettin error messages! Damn it! This means that I have to be in office at least an hr earlier so that I can do my PDR peacefully with no disturbance... Oh god! Pls let me wake up in time...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bitter Sweet Tuesday!!~

Today started ok but somewhere around 10+ in the morning, the server started hanging and it continued until after lunch. Jus when we managed to bring to workload down, such a thing happened. To make matters worse, we were just briefed about having to work OT this week to clear the backlog before the Good Friday long weekend. *siGh* Damn it la... it always happens when u are about to clear the load :( super frustrating man...

So now it seems like the OT that we would be doin is to make-up for the server downtime n not to clear the load... looks like everything's gonna pile up again n we will be asked to do more OT! I reali wonder when this will end. So sian liao... now waiting for the all impt sms from Cheng Yee to let us knw if we have to do OT tmw cos if we are, some of us would be coming in at 6.30am! Can u imagine?!?!? Who starts work at 6.30am apart from factory workers??

As for Joelle and myself, we have decided to start at 7am cos 6.30am is simply too earli for us even if we take cab to work. So the plan is, if there is OT tmw, she will pick me up ard 6.20am n then head to work. Shack sia... oredi this week workin 7.30am... if there's OT i would be workin 11 hours straight man!! WTF! 1hr short of working the 12 hour shift like those seagate workers... sooner or later we may even have to clock-in n out sia...

Then OT will be for 3 days straight... meaning to say that i will be working for 33hrs~ Oh god!!~ Worse still, if the load doesnt decreases until the acceptable service level, OT will be called next week... with the damn server down, I'm pretty sure the chances of hafin to do OT next week is high! *siGh* when will all this end~ Lucky for Angie... she escaped tis tortourous ordeal since she's on maternity :(

Anyway server was down, and they didn't allow us to leave earli... it was only ard 4pm that ChengYee said those on 7.30am shift could leave. Of cos we were happy la... but those who started work later were luckier as they could leave at 4.30pm. Anyway, the few of us who could leave earli, quickly left ofc... Happy that I could reach home earlier than usual... but my happiness was short-lived... guess wat? I reached home around 5.10pm, took the lift to my floor, walked a few steps toward my door and then I remembered that I didnt have my house keys with me!!!!! Argh...

Who would have thought anything else could go wrong rite? But it did!! I was locked out of my home... Imagine that... Happy to be reachin home earli n den this happens. WTF sia!!~ Of all days why did I have to forget to bring my house keys today?! Damn it rite? *SiGh* In the end I had to wait for Garry at the void deck until abt 6.10pm! So pathetic man!~ hmm... n to rub salt into the wound, this sickening auntie kept walkin to n fro looking at me as if I was doin smething illegal lor.... *siGh*

Anyway, I'm finally home... jus received Cheng Yee's sms at about 8.20pm, seems like system is not up yet. Had to sms those in my "team" that we wldn't have to go to work earli for OT and if system is up mid-day, she is requesting for 1hr OT~ Wat to do?!? I'll still be on the 7.30am shift... LL lor... Just stay back n do n do n do... *siGh* I dun wan tink abt it liao... oredi so shacked and drained... :(

As promised, I'm finally able to upload the pics taken on Joey's and Esther's Birthday last week.

This is the bedsheet design that we finally bought for Esther... :)

These were taken on Esther's actual Birthday.... 7 Mar (Fri) Something that Jo & Jess made for her. hehehe... Esther's smile is classic... never changing... Hmm... I wonder if it would still remain the same 30 yrs later... I can jus imagine... hahahah... :)

Oh ya... forgot to mention that when i reached home, Toby greeted me at the door as usual but with his ears down... n as I stepped into the house, there was this funky smell... and as I walked around, Toby followed behind me but at a distance... hmm... couldn't see any "presents" anywhere in the living and dining area.

Walked to the kitchen and there wasn't anything too... tot he'd left his "present" in one of the 2 rooms since the doors were always left open. Nothing there... in the end i walked to the toilet in the kitchen and there it was!!! His hidden treasure in the corner of the toilet... out of my view from the outside... no wonder I didnt see anythin the 1st time when i walked pass... hehe... :)

My darlin boyboy remembered to go into the toilet to poo poo!! Woohoo~ Who's Mummy's clever boy! =) *MuAcKz* :) Mummy and Daddy's very happy and proud of you! Hahaha.... I had to take some pics and send it to Garry before I cleared Toby's treasure, as Garry was tabaoing dinner back after meeting me at the void deck to pass me the house keys... :) When Toby knew that I was very happy that he pooped at the correct place and after getting praises, hugs and kisses from me, his ears perked back up and he kept wagging his tail and started running around, in and out the kitchen... hehehe.... =) and of cos playing with his squeaky ball and bone...

After we had chicken rice for dinner, while watching tv, I saw Toby sitting on the sofa next to Garry with 1 side of his leg dangling... hehehe... since he was in a posing position, I took my hp and started snapping away... kekeke... played with him and 1 of his fav toy... squeaky ball... hehehe... What a good way to end this shitty day... :) He never fails to bring a smile on my face~

By the way... The pic on the left was taken before Toby started on BARF. The one on the right is after being on BARF f0r 10 days... Err... any difference in the color of his coat yet? Hmmm... is it my eyes or mind or is there abit of difference in the color? Or is it because the pic on the left was taken using my digicam and the one on the right was taken using my HP? Hmm...

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Startin the 1st 7.30am shift tomorrow :(

Wat more can I say? My subject for this entry says it all... *siGh* after doin OT yesterday and a break today... it's Monday again... to add on to the gloominess... Jasmine, Esther and myself will be startin the 1st 7.30am shift this time :( Hmm... lookin on the bright side, at least we get to leave at 4.30pm... Hopefully we'll be able to finish everythin by then.

Gave Toby a bath earlier on n he's all clean n smellin nice now... yeah~ can slp on the bed with us again... heheh... We just ordered dinner from Pastamania... woo hoo... cant wait... its supposed to arrive by 8pm... Creamy Chicken, Mussels and Clams and Sesame Coriander Chicken Pizza!~ yum yum yum... tinkin abt it is makin me hungrier :)

Anyway sat's OT was kinda different from the previous OTs. I tink most of us sort of felt happier and not so disgruntled about having to come back for OT. I guess Cheng Yee managed to somehow pacify us. Although we weren't to keen on the OT idea, at least she was understanding and compassionate enough to made the lunch arrangements a breeze... after a very long time, we had cooked food provided to us for lunch... Fish Soup from the fish place tt all of us hasnt been to for a long time :)

On top of this, she even bought drinks from Coffee Bean for us... and this she paid for and didnt claim... hmm... not that we were so hard-up for the free drink. It's more like the way she showed us how she appreciated our effort and hard work as well as how she expressed her concern for everyone who was at work. The tactfulness that she exercised when she requested for additional help. To sum up, she was genuine. I'm sure when i say this, everyone present on sat would have felt the same as me and agree. "THANK YOU CHENG YEE" for making me feel appreciated.

I'm trying to load the pics taken during Joey's and Esther's bday as well as the sheets that we got Esther... Finally cant say it out... hahah... but not sure wats the problem... hmmm... promise to upload it once i've figured what the problem is ya...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

~*~*~ Shopping Spree @ Robinsons ~*~*~

Wahsay! Damn shack now man... Legs aching like siao too... been walking around since 5.30pm today! Hahaha... went for the Robinsons's Preview Sale after work with Esther, David and my pay master... heheh... Woohoo~ Long time since I spent so much and bought so many things...

The minute we reached Somerset, I told Garry to meet me at Emerald as we wanted to pop-by John Little to take a look... there we were stuck for almost an hour looking at bedsheets. Esther and I each decided on a set which was priced pretty decently. Esther was sayin y dun we pop in to Robinsons first... if there isnt any nicer ones then come back to get it... so we sort of reserved the set with the auntie there... hmm... but ah... we din go back lor... so bad sia... *sOllie ah auntie* and the reason why we didn't go back was bcos we got stuck at Robinson till almost 10pm!

At Robinsons, we made our way up to the men's section where Garry sapooed some pants... Actuali come to think of it... din reali buy that much la... but spent almost $900+ sia... *bOoHoo* can buy my LV bag liao. hehehe... nvm... I will wait patiently for that... As i was saying, today's damage was becos Garry bought a shirt and 5 office pants!~ To tink that a pants is still a pants n its always either black or grey... i wonder y he needs that many... hehe... but it's ok la... he looks good in them... so if he looks good den i look good too since I choose eveything that he puts on =)

Jus his clothes alone cost almost $280... the rest was spent on bedsheets!!! Wahaha.... u read it right... BEDSHEETS!!! =) I realised that buyin bedsheets is my 2nd love apart from shoes and bags... and.... I had to buy them in a pair smemore! Hahahah... same like when i buy bags and shoes!~ Sick sia... but tts me... good things come in a pair~ Anyway i did a very auntie thing at Robinsons today... I was grabbing... hmm... i tink more like snatching the good buys together with all those aunties....hahaha... *oOps*

Wahliew i tell u!!! Tt was an experience man... I was lingering around and had my eye on the Hallmark bedsheet and comforter sets like a hawk eyeing its prey! Hahaha.... the minute any set was put down, I snatched it... hahaha... took every king size sheet in each design (there were abt 4-5 designs that I kinda liked) that I could lay my hand on 1st... din bother deciding which i wanted cos there simply wasn't enaf time to consider.

Even with me doin this... someone almost "stole" my set lor... KNS~ I was pickin it up and she did the same thing... so i told her i wanted tt set! Damn sia... anyway I landed myself with a set in hand... but that wasnt enaf... i continued stalkin the wagon... going round in circles even though it seemed like almost everything was sold... hahaha.... waiting to see if there were better sets!

And there reali was... someone came back and threw a stack of at least 4 sets into the wagon and there i was again... tis time i managed to grap 2 sets... hahaha... good thing i have long arms man and was staking the wagon lor!~ hehehe.... Esther was laffing when she saw me walkin ard the same area over n over again... so there i was tryin to balance all 3 sets and luggin my bag ard lookin for Garry... good thing he was nearby so I could pass 2 sets to him while I decided which of the 3 i was gonna get... hahaha....

Somewhere during the period, Esther found me and I told her that the set was going for onli $150!!! A very good bargain and that she should jus grab 1 set for her new plc... which she managed to. Thank god~ hahaha... some of u may tink that $150 is rather steep for bedsheets but wait till u hear what the original price was... kekeke... A fitted sheet set and a quilt set from Hallmark was selling at $766!!! Threadcount was about 580... can u imagine hw cheap it is now? Hehehe.... Of cos I had to get it... so in the end i decided on 2 of the sets :) woohoo~ Will take a pic of it when i haf the time :)

Oh ya!~ the set that I saw at John Little was also available at Robinsons. Esther oso likes that set... she couldnt decide between the ivory and pink one... heheh... i preferred the ivory one... looks more delicate and demure. Suits her victorian design Master bedroom lor... And they had 40% + 20% sale for that!!! Hahaha.... so I got it too... Heng dun haf to go back to John Little and heng I found something she likes. Hopefully I bought the right one for her wor... :)

David came and Esther brought him to the KingKoil section to look at this bedsheet set that she was eyeing on. Hahaha... :) She was going on n on tellin Garry that she saw this set from King Koil but it was so expensive... guess wat?! She bought it in the end... hahaha.... more or less like me ah... like something onli must buy it... even David said the same thing. Anyway she called me over to choose between 2 sets... I liked 1 of it more than the other... and coincidentally it was also the one that she liked =) good taste ah... hehehe.... her damage for that King Koil set was almost $250.

She also spotted some mirrors which were reali nice... but a piece of it was close to $70 *pHeW* but i tink it would have gone reali well with her theme... but they didnt have stock... someone was supposed to get back to her tmw... hopefully there are stocks for it... hehehe... Anyway by the time we paid for everything, it was almost 10pm and I was starving... so we headed off to Mac's for dinner before heading home. heheh... looks like Esther n myself will have to be on instant noodles for awhile to pay for the damages we spent today... hahahah... :)

Saturday, March 01, 2008

~*~*~ Toby's 1st Experience with BARF ~*~*~

After much thought and considered, I decided to start feeding Toby BARF. Have decided to stop feeding him kibbles and feed him BARF on weekdays and HCF on weekends... we'll see how things go la... if possible, I will want to switch him to BARF permanently. Hehehe... but that would depend on whether my pocket can tahan or not... have to make sacrifices... :)

Anyway, I ordered Dr B's BARF Diet for Toby and Alfred delivered it on Thur nite... so nice of him to help us pack it individually... :) While he was doing that and talking to us, Toby was busy smelling him and he kept tryin to inch his way closer to see what Alfred was packing. The funny thing was that after all the packing, when Alfred carried his cooler and was about to leave, Toby started barking at him as though Alfred was stealing away his food! Hahaha... He only stopped when we showed him that his patties were still on the floor.

Anyway this is how the packaging of Dr B's BARF Diet looks like:

I ordered the Beef and Kangaroo Recipe this time... next round will probably try the Lamb and maybe Chicken or Pork... :) Kekek... apparently, the Lamb recipe is the best seller. Was asking Alfred when the promo would end and he mentioned that it's until the current stock lasts. After that prices would revert to the original ones. *peNgz* We were telling him that he should consider coming up with some promotion or some kind of benefits for customers who would be buying from him in the long run. Then more attractive... consumers always like it when there is a bargain or promotion... hehehe... :)

A compartment in our freezer is now reserved for Toby's BARF! This used to be the compartment where i stashed my ice-creams and Yammi Yougert... now everything's been cleared away and this area is now officially Toby's BARF Room! =Þ

To the Left are the Kangaroo patties and to the Right are the Beef patties.

I was discussing with Serene a few days back and decided to start putting Toby on BARF on 1 March, which is today!!! :) Easier to keep track this way. I've also decided to feed him 1/2 a patty per meal. Serene was saying the Ebi started his on 1 Jan and since then, there has been quite alot of difference within 2 months... in terms of his stool and coat color. I'm hoping that Toby would benefit from this diet as well and I'm hoping to see some difference in a month or so =Þ Noticed that his S&P coat is getting lighter n lighter although the shin is still there. Hopefully his coat will get darker in time to come... *keep my fingers crossed* :)

Woke up this morning and prepared his breakfast... Toby was rather excited when he saw me takin a patty out from the freezer... heheh... so I decided to let him smell it 1st since he seemed like he was going to have some form of attack if he didn't get to smell it.

While i was preparing his meal, Toby kept pacing up and down... in and out of the kitchen... one minute sitting on the floor mat, the next minute walking to stand next to me and another minute going back to where Garry was seated at the dining table, repeating all 3 actions again n again...

This is how his Beef patty looks like... soakin it in warm water before feeding it to him...

Heheh... look at his face wor... frowning and looking so sad... it's as if he's saying "Huh!?! Still can't eat yet?"

Took a video of him gettin all excited when evything was ready for him to eat and the process of hw fast he finished his 1/2 patty... kept licking his bowl even though it was already spotless... Greedy boy sia... will figure out how to load it here... :)

Will be going out after our Part-time cleaning auntie leaves around 4pm. This is her 2nd session with us... Mr Lee said to monitor her performance for about a month before we decide if we should stick to her permanenetly or go thru the agency to get a proper one. Meeting Esther, David and Priya at Compass Point at 5.30pm to take the LRT to Angie's. It's Nicky's Baby Shower today!!!! So fast 1 month liao... Woo hoo... can wait to see him again and hopfully carry him too. hehehe... Haf lots to gossip with Angie as well :) After that we'll probably pop over to Hougang since we're not going back tmw. Be good ah little Nicky... dun cry when Auntie Rachel carry you later... :)