Thursday, December 20, 2007

*~*~* X'mas Cranberry Muffins *~*~*

Woke up this morning to go to work... yup u read it rite... Toby and Garry were snoozing away while i prepared lor... Toby din even bother waking up when i walked around the room. He only lifted is head when he heard me opening the room door... Wat A Lump!

Everyone in office had to go back to work today as our office will be closed on the 26 Dec... it's great that we'd be having a long break but it sucks that we had to come back to work esp on a PH cos there wasnt a single soul in town so early in the morning... *siGh* Esther was msgin me that she could even choose where to sit in the train and I was tellin her that I could change lanes along BKE and PIE anytime i wanted...

It was kinda ironic when I passed 2 lorries ferryin bangalas while on my way to work today... on both occasions, the bangalas all looked sad, moody and gloomy... I was sharing with Esther in my sms that I could really understand how they felt as I was feeling the same way as well... what to do... so gullible when they told us abt this a long time ago that it didnt occur to us what a dread this would be... oh well...

All of us stopped work at 4pm today as we had our department Birthday cum Xmas Celebrations... hmm... had something small to eat and there were gift exchanges n some other stuffs... left office abt 5.10pm n went home as I wanted to try baking the Cranberry muffins again... Bought muffin trays and cupcakes from Cold Storage yesterday as I wanted to bake Cranberry Muffin... for who else but my darling Toby...Hahaha... not bakin for Garry or myself but for our notti fella... hahah... :)

Yesterday's batch was abit of a disappointment cos it was the 1st time I baked these muffins in the oven and I'm presuming that the heat was too hot thats why the muffins were kinda burnt on the outside.

Probably also bcos I wasnt checking often enough... heheh.. Never used the oven for baking before and since we had it, it is only used to bake the Turkey and ham during our Xmas party... but Toby still loved the muffins... hehehe...

Anyway it's really easy baking these muffins... cos baking time takes about 20min or so depending on the heat of the oven... the ingredients are rather easy to get also... except maybe for the wheatflour but Market place and certain Cold Storage sells it... I haven't tried Poon Huat but I'm pretty sure they will have it as well... Anyway, besides eggs and vegetable oil, these are the ingredients required for the Cranberry Muffin.

This is how the mixture looks like and also the process of how the yummy cranberry muffins were made....

1) Sift the plain flour, wholewheat flour and baking powder into a bowl

2) Mix the vegetable oil, goat milk, honey and egg well

3) Pour the liquid mixture into the flour and fold in the mixture

4) Add the chopped cranberries into the mixture, leaving about a handful of cranberries aside

5) Fill the Muffin cups until 3/4 full

6) Poke the remaining cranberries onto the top

7) Bake for about 20min and tada... this is how the Cranberry Muffins will look like

While I was baking the first batch and busying myself with the next batch, I notice Toby sitting right in front of the oven and looking in every now and then... he looked so cartoon... as if he was guarding his precious muffins... weird but somehow I tink he knew that I was baking the muffins for him and his frenz... heehehe... yeah... will be distributing the muffins to some of the guys at work tmw... kekeke... my xmas present to them... :) Hope they love it...Anyway this was how Toby looked like earlier on... kekeke.... =Þ

Wahsay so tired liao... tink i will laze a little while more before i start packing the muffins into their respective bags for... Terry, Kryster, BeBe, Yoshi, Shiro and Shulynn's 2 dogs... aiyo.... keep forgettin their names... sorrie ah... hahaha... :) Tmw's gonna be another long day... gotta go Koko's house again cos Ryan's gonna have Xmas carolling at their place tmw nite... *siGh*

After that it would be a start of a hectic weekend in preparation for the xmas party on 25th at my parents plc... after tt, it would be another hectic preparation for my gathering... so I might be too busy and wont be able to update much happenings these few days... who knows maybe until the new year... but fret not... I will try my best whenever I can... shall be taking lots of photos too! Heheh... so till then... Merry Xmas Babes & Hunks and have A great start for the new year!!! Ho Ho Ho... :)

Monday, December 17, 2007

~*~*~ BP Xmas Party ~*~*~

Tiring weekend man... Company's Xmas Party on Friday... den on Sat went shopping for the balance pressies and also bought my Creative Zen... reached home around 11+ and after a short while started wrapping the pressies until almost 3am. Can die... will take a pic of the over populated pressies under my tree and post it the next time... :)

ent back to Hougang yesterday and then to Koko's Plc for Evan's 21st Birthday Party... saw his new gf there as well... heheh... The caterer that koko ordered from was ok only... the food wasnt too bad but not spicy at all... even the chilli had no spice... hmmm... or maybe it was only me... hahah... there was ayam buah keluak, prawns, sotong, sayo lemak, grilled chilli fish, laksa and a few others... i tink the best was the prawns and sotong... hahah...

Then we had Coco Exotic from Four Leaves... yummilicious =P~

Stayed at Koko's plc until it was almost 10pm before driving them back to Hougang and then we took a cab back home... wah so shack man by the time i reached home!~ Toby was waiting for us at home. Didnt bring him to hougang this weekend since we wouldnt be staying there too long... As usual, he was excited to see us when we got home... :)

Xmas Party on Friday nite was at Carlton Hotel and the theme for this year's party is "A Rain of Glitter". The committee did a rather good job this year and
I tink it was a blast... However, the food was so so only... nothin fantastic... As usual the group of us turned up early and registered for the Early bird prize... and I was 1 of the winners... yippy... won myself a pair of movie passes... heheh... also, most of the early birds got to get a paper-cut of our side profile done by this chinese man... quite cool la...

e also played 3 games but the one that was the funniest was the game where we had to dress someone from our table into a reindeer... kekeke... Jasmine did us the honor by being our reindeer... :)

Most of us at the table won something from the lucky draw... minimum winnings was a $100 voucher... some of us won $200 and $250 vouchers. Priya won herself a 32" Samsung LCD TV!!! Lucky her!!! Jus in time for her new home... hehehe....
Anyway some of us are happy with our winnings....

Whilst some were kinda disgruntled... these pics speak a thousand words... hahaha.... :)