Monday, June 29, 2009

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!~

Freedom is the right of all sentient beings!~ This is the Motto of Optimus Prime when I took the Which Transformer Are You? quiz on Face book... heheh... results show that I'm Optimus Prime... :)

The altruistic Autobot leader who comes to Earth to destroy the All Spark in order to end the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. He is a strong leader, gallant fighter, quick witted, and compassionate towards all living creatures. He has a strong sense of justice and tends to defend the less able. He is very self sacrificing and will do anything for peace in the universe. His Autobot's follow his orders even if it means to the death. His main rival is the leader of the Decepticons, Megatron. His vehicle form is the Peterbilt Semi-Truck. Motto: "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings".

However, when I took the Which Transformer are You? Quiz on
FunFlip, my results show that I'm 60% Megatron!

Megatron is the leader of the Decepticons. He will stop at nothing to establish his empire and destroy the Autobots, starting with Optimus Prime. Like Megatron, you are not compassionate and harbor evil thoughts. You are inspiring, confident, and a natural leader. The Decepticons have chosen well. In addition, you use technology when you need to, but you do not embrace the latest trends.

OH GOD!!! hahahah.... watever the results is, I've derived my own result... I'M A LEADER!!! Hahahahaha.... Oh well... enough of this sci-fi stuff...

I brought Toby & Tamy to the vet on Friday evening... thank god I made an appt with Dr Heng. Our appt was at 9pm and we reached the clinic 5 min before... there whole area was super duper pack!!! and most of the dogs there were Schnauzers... either having diarrhoea or skin problems. Thank God my rascals werent there for either one... they were due for their yearly vaccines... :)

We took their weight and both of them have gained 500grams each... Toby now weighs 7.4kg and Tamy weighs 6.6kg :) woohoo~ Dr Heng did a thorough check up and certified that both of them are in the pink of health... everythings Ok~ *relief* hehehe... nothing much is up for this week until Sunday... cant wait to meet up with the MS Kakis... :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Busy like a bumble bee over the weekend :)

I'm was so mad with myself!!! I spent more than 2 hours uploading pic and writing my entry from 9+ to almost midnite last nite and becos I pressed some stupid key on the keyboard which I couldnt recall, EVERYTHING got deleted!!! And the stupid entry had to get saved automatically at the same instance... I really felt like stabbin myself at that moment... ARGH!!!

Becos I dun wanna sit here for another 2-3 hours, I've decided to load the pics in slide form... no more story telling la... *so sad* it's a whole new meaning when I say let the pics do the talking... *siGh*

My Weekend started on Friday jus after work... met up with Van and Sara and we went for dinner den we caught the movie "Ghost of GFs Past". Romantice Comedy... it was entertaining... On Sat, we were invited to Angie's place to celebrate Natalie's 1 month celebration... Angie looked great with her new hairdo... :) Nicky and Natalie as always made us go goo goo and gaa gaa over them... :)

~*~ Natalie's 1 month Celebration ~*~

- Went Eeyore hunting the nite before... Managed to get Eeyore in different sizes~ Wopie!! :)
- But decided to give Nattie the largest 1 for her 1 month... shall keep the others for other occassions... kekeke... so I bubble wrapped it in a transparent bag so that it doesnt get dirty and dusty.
- Bought Bubble Milk tea for everyone including Angie
- Fetched Sara from Compass Point
- Got a shock when Esther dashed out at the side of our car at the Mulyi-story carpark at Angie's place. Seemed as if she was stalking us... hahahah... :)
- Made our way up and we saw Angie's mum 1st...
- Angie did her hair and she was looking great in it... lost quite abit of her tummy oso... :)
- Lots of photo-takin with Natalie and Nicky, pllayed with Nicky n Bebe and soon Megan arrived.
- Managed to capture the moment when Nicky kissed Megan :)
- Cake-cutting session: Jessica bought this jelly cake in the form of Strawberry Shortcake... Aiyo looks very nice and cant bare to eat it la... but since we had to cut it, I cut the strawberry section of the cake... hehehe...

~*~ Father's Day with the Khoo's on Sat ~*~

- Left Angie's place around 4+ to meet up with Serene at Compass Point as she was goin to pass me my collars :) (Pic of this in my earlier entry)
- Went to the DVD sale at the basement of Compass Point and bought some shows.
- Left around 6pm or so to go back to Hougang to fetch my parents and Van as we were heading off to dinner.
- Dinner was @ Flamming Mangos. Been wanting to go to this place ever since Priya intro it to us.
- Embience of the place was nice. Good place to sit and chill. Food served was not too bad as well. Apart from our main course, we had appetisers and desserts which I'd forgotten to take pics of...
- We left the place slightly after 8.30pm and headed down to Causeway Point.
- Caught the Movie The Taking of Pelham 123 starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta...

~*~ Father's Day with the Lee's on Sun ~*~

- Bath the 2 furries before everyone arrived
- Everyone came over to gather at our place from late afternoon.
- The kids as always were making lots of noise playing.
- Toby & Tamy were busy playing with them... more like they were eyeing on their toys (esp Toby) cos the kids were playing with them. But more often den not, Toby was found sitting in my BIL's lap gettin either a good massage or he's simply lazing there. He's very manja n it seems like my BIL is his new best fren whenever we're busy :)
- Had Dinner followed by a feasting of Lychees, Mangosteens and DURIAN!! :) We bought the Mao Shan Wang Durians this round and boy do they taste D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Toby & Tamy's New Collection

Met up with Serene on Sat after Angie's place to collect Toby & Tamy's new collection... heheh... I've finally laid my hands on these!!! :) Thanks Serene for getting them for me... hehehe... :)

And these are how they look like... :) Red one is for Toby and the Hot Pink is for Tamy...

Also bought some double row blings for each of them and the Hamish Webbing Collar and leash set that was on a super cheap sale... :) I think it cost about $8 for each of the Hamish set. Great buy huh~ :)

Also, Serene managed to source for this black spike collar to match the pink spikes that she'd given Tamy during Christmas... :) Thanks Serene... hehehe...

I've finally found a matching pair for the spikes and soon, the 2 rascals will get to wear them... hehehe... :)

I'm waiting for my next and I think final round of collars to come... cos Serene's supplier is coming back to Singapore and she wont be able to get such good lobangs for Winnie and me... *sOb* *SoB* I guess I'll be spending lesser on them soon... unless there are new items in Hamish... hehehe... :P Next on our list are the tags that I've to get to match all the new collars that Toby & Tamy have... till then... I'll be dreaming of the 2 coach collars that have recently caught my eyes.... :P

~*~ Angie's Angels ~*~

Judz highlighted to me that there wasnt any pic of Natalie on the Beep Board in office... so I did something to combine both Nicky & Natalie's pic, printed it out and pinned it on the board... hahaha... Hey any updates of the other baby's or not... pics on the board kinda old oredi...

We had an activity filled weekend... which I will update later when I get home... I hope... :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

...Bits & Pieces...

Took a pic of Toby & Tamy about 2 weeks back one weekend morning when they just had their Mowhawk cut... ekeke.... was playing around with the settings on my HP cam and realised that there were different frames to choose from... this one looks kinda Christmasy but who cares... as always, Tamy never fails to have tt grumpy face... while my darling boy is always smiling... :)

I bought these quite some time back but it was kept aside till now... never reali had the time to clean the glass door until recently when I was in the Spring Cleaning mood and threw quite a bit of stuff out... kekeke... got down to cleanin the glass door leading into the kitchen and polishing it before sticking up my masterpiece :)

And here's the final result after deciding where to put what... :) Not too bad rite? At least the color matches the kitchen... :) I'm rather happy with my art work here... the down side of it is that, I wont be able to snow spray anymore Christmasy stuff on the glass door every X'mas nor can I stick anymore CNY deco too...

It's finally Mid-week... I cant wait for Friday to come... I'm finally going to watch Ghost from Girlfriends Past :) kekeke... wat better way than to watch a Romance show to unwind for the weekend :) I've already booked the tickets... sadly, they're only showing it at Causeway Point though I had initially wanted to catch this movie at AMK Hub... but it's better than nothing la... :)

I cant wait for Sat to come as well... cos I'll be able to see both Nicky & Natalie... it's going to be Natalie's 1 month old celebration!!!~ :) We're going over during the afternoon and I'll get to carry her once again... kekeke... I've to remember to take better pics of us this time :) Den it's to dinner and the movies again at nite... This time it's gonna be packed with lots of action... We'll be catching The Taking of Pelham 123... :)

Well, before all the excitment can begin, I've to survive tmw and Friday at work with another 1 of my kakis missing... Priya's flyin off to Bali tmw morning and wont be back to work until next wed... So shiok ah~ I also wanna go on holiday now... :( There's not gonna be anyone near me for me to talk to the next few days *siGh* Good thing there's the Office Communicator so I can still bug the others even though they're seated smewhat further from me... Hmm... I'm oredi starting to count down to the weekend already :) Hope tmw passes fast...

Sunday, June 14, 2009

~*~ Shopping & Visiting Natalie ~*~

The weekend will be over in less than 3 hours... den it's back to Gotham City.. *siGh* good times pass really fast... I was enjoying myself on Friday after work... shopping and shopping~ though I bought nothing for myself. hahaha... Met up with Van and Garry and headed down to Bugis Village as she wanted to get jeans. Den we walked over to Suntec for a few SALES event!! Woohoo~

We headed down to the FOX sales 1st... there wasnt much I could get for myself BUT there was sales on Children's apparel... hahah... so I dug n dug with the help of my sis and Garry and managed to find these for Nicholas and Natalie :) Hehehe... So happy with this stash of items... Hope it fits well...

Then we went to another hall where they had bedding and bedsheet Sale... Bought 4 pillows there... kekeke... We left the pillows at the counter and told them that we'd come back later... squeezed through the crows and headed to the other end of the convention hall...There was a queue outside this particular hall that we were going to and so we joined the queue... This was the queue for the CROCS SALE!!! :) I'm a big fan of Crocs... Once I got in, I headed for the kids section and picked a few pairs of shoes and passed it to Garry to hold on to them.

Called Angie and managed to get her after 2 calls...asked if she wanted to get anything (though I sort of knew she would have wanted to get something for Nicky & Nattie) and she said she did... kekeke... had a bit of discussion with her and I ended getting these for the kids... :)

Was looking around for my own but the sizes left at the Sale were HUGE!!! I cant believe I'm saying this. There were lots of kids sizes and Big sizes... though I have large feet, I couldnt fit into most of the adult sizes there... *siGh* even Van couldnt find any shoe to fit her... we were rather disappointed cos the price was so much lower... spoke to 1 of the senior staff there and she commented that there would be more stocks coming in the next day... she said that I should try coming in the morning when they open at 10am.

After everything, we headed down to Marina Square... my main purpose of meeting her was to get a pair of Crocs for my dad... something for Father's Day from us... we found 2 pairs of Crocs for him :) and I also found a Eeyore Jibbit for Natalie :) hehehe... not only did i manage to get wat i wanted, I also met up with a long lost fren whom I've known years back... coincidentally, he was now the store manager :) did a little catching up, paid for our buys and headed down to Kenny Roger's for dinner :)

After much contemplation, Van and I decided to head down to Crocs on Sat. I was quite adament in being one of the 1st few early customers... I knew there was going to be a queue... kekeke.. it was afterall Sat... we woke up and took a cab down to Suntec cos Garry didnt want to send us there and spend the whole time waiting for us... We reached exactly at 10am and there was a queue outside the hall when it wasnt even open yet...

Goodness~ I counted and we were amongst the 1st 10-20 customers in the queue... kekeke... The doors only opened around 10.20am and we had to wait for a few more minutes while the staff settled down and the cashiers getting their registers ready for the day's transaction. As I was near the enterance, I did a quick scan to see wat was in the children's section... Nothing new except for 2 new army designs... so I decided to head for the adults section to check out the sizes 1st since I oredi knew which design i wanted... *siGh* kena cheated la... there wasnt stock for my feet size once again...

Went back to the Kids section cos I had to help Sara get a few pairs of shoes that she wanted to give to her fren's kids... kekeke... she and Angie ah... person not there but can shop n shop~ tsk tsk tsk... anyway after I got her stuff, I decided to give it another try to see if there was anything I could get... woohoo~ I found a pair pastel purple MaryJane and a pair of light gold clogs in my size... so i decided to get those... hehehe... :)

At the last minute, I managed to find a pair Silver MaryJane in Van's size and Van found another pair of Crocs for my dad!!~ :) Actually, she more like snatched that pair under another auntie's nose... hahaha... tt auntie was also reaching out for the same pair... but Van was a few seconds faster... Wahahah... it was a fruitful decision to go down so early after all... :) It was only 11+ when we walked out of Crocs with our buys... Van wanted to go to the Watson's Sale and so we popped by for a short while before heading down to Marina Square.

We were so hungry n thirsty so we decided to haf Breakfast at Starbucks... *pHew* finally able to rest man... after that we headed down to Attitude where I bought 2 tops and a dress... kekeke... need to get a cardi for that dress before i can wear it cos it's sleeveless la... hehehe... while paying, Garry called to say that he was waiting for us downstairs... so after payment, we headed down to meet him before going downs to People's Park Complex to meet sara for lunch...

After lunch, we fetched Steph who was down from KL at Sengkang MRT before heading down to Angie's place... kekek... we were supposed to be there around 3pm but we only reached around 4pm... by then Priya and Dinish were already there... kekeke... :) it was a good time to chill and chat... and showing Angie her buys... of cos I finally carried my little princess as well :) hehehe... I like carrying her... but it's a bit scary when she starts crying la... kekeke... but I tink I'm gettin better now cos I managed to carry her from the sofa by myself even though she's still so small... :)

My 1st pic with Natalie and of cos I had to hug, squeeze and carry Nicholas Korkor as well :)

Here's more pic of Natalie sleeping... :)

And of Nicholas korkor looking alittle gloomy cos he couldnt haf his own packet of Lycee drink so he went around sipping from ours... n the next pic of him looking so happy... :)

More pics of Natalie awake... and den asleep again... kekeke... :) Oh Oh~ I bought this little Eeyore for her again... kekeke... also bought the Eeyore jibbit for her too... kekeke... I think by the time I'm done, she'll have a large collection of Eeyores... :) *err... it's ok with Mummy rite?*

Nicky engrossed with the song being played on the Baby Channel... :)

And he's also very engrossed with Steph's camera and also with stuff in my bag :) hehehe....

Of cos there was Bebe sitting amongst us all the time and he loves a good rub... :)

O0o00o.... shioookkkk!!~ Dun stop... :)

Oh~ Also passed Angie this suit that ShuShu bought for Natalie :)

And more pics of Mummy & Natalie...

Here's Nicholas back from the playground :) After washing up, he came over to kiss Natalie meimei :) Awww... SOooo loving la this korkor... :)

Den he hid in the corner observing all of us... hehehe... :) Hmm... Angie, he resembles Samuel in this pic ya? Check out the way he's standing man~ hehehe...

Nicky sitting on his fav chair and having his tea break... we were informed that BeBe keeps watch all the time when Nicky eats as he always drops food on the floor for him... :)

I cant wait to see Natalie again next sat for her 1st month celebration... kekeke... Garry commented that we've been to Angie's the past 2 saturadays ever since Nattie got home... *siGh* if only I get to visit Nicky & Nattie every weekend... hehehe... they grow up so fast la... kekeke... :) and Nicky's such a warm and lovable charmer... I'm sure in no time, Nattie's going to be jus like him :) hehehe... I'm jus so happy that I get to be apart of them and all these... kekek... c",) Thanks Angie... for asking me to be Natalie's God-ma... Woohoo~ c")