Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a week this has been....

Wow~ I finally found time to update u guys... this week has been good and bad... we finally bought our new HPs and we bought 2 Omnias cos Mr Lee said he wanted the same model as mine... hmm... ok lor... anyway we more or less figured out how to use our hp liao... :) we had lots of fun during our kelong trip over the weekend and when we reached Spore I couldnt wait to see my babies... :)

When we reached home, the both of them were so happy to see us... my my my... in a matter of 3 days Tamy has grown even bigger!! :) Thanks to ZhiZhi who helped babysit them while we were away... the bad thing about our trip was that I was down with diarrhoea the moment we came back to Spore...

Initially I though it was a minor case of food poisoning as I had no vomitting or fever... so went to see the doc on Tues... who knew man... on wednesday morning ard 3am, I had diarrhoea again... about an hour or so later, I vomitted... *pEngz* and subsequently I visited the toilet to vomit again... from then on I felt feverish and my whole body ached like siao... =( felt like my joints were goin to break man... sms-ed my TL and told her tt i wouldnt be back at work...

Tried to get some slp after all the purgin earlier on... but couldnt reali slp... tossed n turned every couple of minutes... didnt help tt my whole body was acing... *siGh* finally managed to slp and woke up ard noon to go to the doc... worst thing is that Garry too got infected by my virus... cham man... 2 sick pple goin to the doc... Doc said tat we had stomach flu... had all the symptoms... diarrhoea, vomittin, fever, giddiness and headache... gave us 2 days MC.

Aiyoz... heard from mummy that Sara was on 2 days MC as well... she had food poisoning... she kept having diarrhoea and vomitted... mummy heard tommy barking ard 5 am in the morning and she went down to see what was wrong... found sara vomittin in the toilet and her nose was bleeding at the same time... Aiyoz... cham man this girl... diarrhoea... vomit... nose bleed...

Our vomitting n diarrhoe has more or less stopped. Still abit giddy though... but at least my bodyaches arent as bad as before... another day's rest to recharge my energy before i head back to work tomorrow... cant wait to meet u guys and haf lunch together ah... :) got miss me boh? hehehe... :P another few days of work den I'll be on leave on friday... gotta bring toby for his op on tt day... pls pray tt he will be ok and come back to me safe and sound wor...

Anyway our kelong trip was fantastic... pity tt Van couldnt join us cos she had a test on Mon and wouldnt be back in time and since there wasnt a sub paper, she had to miss this trip with us. The weather on the first day wasnt too good... drizzlin on and off and becos of that the fishes didnt come out to play... : so we didnt reali catch much fish on the 1st day... wat a waste lor...

We took lots of pics at the kelong so its quite tedious to upload it individually... But I must upload the glory of our Kelong trip... the box on the left contains the fishes that were caught by us... especially Evan... whilst the box on the right contains fishes caught by Uncle Robin himself... He's an experienced angler... jus look at his catch n u can tell...

Here's the slide of all the pics taken during our 3 day 2 nites stay... I'm so looking forward to our next kelong trip again... :)

When we reached Tanah MErah Ferry terminal, we started sorting our fishes in the middle of the carpark... hahaha.... can u imagine... :P the sky was very very nice tt nite... :) couldnt resist so took some last shots with my SE K800i before I change to my Omnia... :)

After all the fish sorting, I met up with Winnie at her place to collect the Hamish collars... Yippy!!~ Finally I've gotten my hands on the collars... :) and it looks so chio... kekeke... :) cant wait to use it on them... :) I also received their gummie collars this week... but sad to say there was short of 2 collars... the red stripes... :( I'm gonna email them to ask when they would be sending it over to me... *hMpF*

Next that im waiting are the dog tags that we ordered... :) YiPpy!!~ Den this batch of collection is done... hehehe... :) Wonder when the next batch of order will be... this time round have to limit my spending liao... kekeke... :) I promise... :P

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

~*~ Good month end ~*~

Well well well.... the past week has been by far one of the best weeks for July :) Reason being that the OT on 2 weekends are finally over!!! I finally submitted my orders for the Channel Pet tags :) kekeke...Thanks for coordinating evythin Serene~ I can expect to receive the shipment by mid August. I also submitted my orders for the Gummi Collars... now I tink I have more collars than tags... darn~ hehehe... counting down 10 days when the collars arrive. But hey... I didnt spend evything on the 2 kids only... =Þ

For Garry and myself, after much coaxing from Angie... I've decided to get myself a new HP!! I was in such a dilemma the past few days as I couldnt decided btw these... the Samsung F480 and the Samsung i900...

Finally after being able to play around with both HPs, I've decided to get the Samsung i900. Kekeke.... I only pray that when the time comes for me to get the HP, there is available stock. Since I'm getting my bonus and OT pay this month, I will be getting the Samsung F480 for Garry as I feel bad if I only get a new HP for myself and leave him to be contented with his Nokia 6500 slider... He always gets something for me whenever he gets his bonus... :) so now I shall do the same for him... hehehe...

Tat HP can condemn sia... although trade-in value still at $200, tat HP is like a slow cooker... if you're on it for long or if u sms too much, it gets superbly hot... no wonder the battery lifespan so koyak!! =Þ K la Dar!! U dun complain i never buy anything for you now hor... I getting a new HP for u liao... Hehehe....

Anyway, I met up with Garry on the platform at Jurong East Stn last nite and decided to get off at CCK Stn to go to Lot 1 since it was still earli. We headed to NTUC 1st which was a wrong move as we got stuck grocery shopping. We had to stock up the food in the house as Zhi would be staying over this weekend... not very nice if there wasnt anything at home for her to cook or eat lor... so on n on we went putting stuff into the trolley as we went along. We ended up with quite a bit of stuff in the trolley and decided to just cook something simple as we couldnt have brought all our stuff with us for dinner.

I decided that it has been a very long time since I cooked something for Toby and decided to cook pasta for them since that's what we were having last nite. For them, it was going to be pasta with minced pork and carrots... kekeke... It was a belated 5th month present to Tamy as she turned 5 months on Monday ~ Happy 5th month Tamy girl!!! Mummy & Daddy as well as Toby korkor love you very much although you can be very notti at times ~

It would also have been Tamy's 1st time eating anything else besides her kibbles.... I was hoping that she would not have an acquired taste for yummy food apart from her kibbles. Thank god she isn't a fussy eater. We fed her her usual kibbles today and she walloped it down in no time... Talking about walloping.... here's some shots taken of our dinner for last nite... :)

Our dinner~

The kids dinner~

Also managed to capture shots of Tamy having her 1st pasta meal... she was very inquisitive. Kept smelling her food... taking small bites every now and then.... she must be tinking to her self what smell and taste that was... :)

There I was busy taking pictures of Tamy having her dinner and didnt realised that Toby finished his until I turned to take pics of him!! Goodness... this boy finished his dinner in less than 2 minute... and when he was done with licking his bowl clean and I mean really really clean till it was spotless... he had his eye on his meimei's bowl and was sniffing away... hiak hiak hiak.... greedy boy~

See how he sits and stares at Tamy as she enjoyed her dinner... Tamy on the other hand doesnt give shit about anything around her apart from her food in her bowl... hahaha... :)

After dinner, as usual they rested for awhile while we had ours... and not too long later they started playing and fighting once again. This is their daily routine... :) play... bite... growl... fight... chase each other... bark at each other... eat... slp... round n round it goes like the ferris wheel... when it came time for all of us to turn in, both of them slpt soundly side by side facing each other... they must be playin and chasing each other in their sleep too :) Sweet Dreams My Prince & Princess... *MuAckZ*

I cant wait for tomorrow to come... cos it's PayDay!!! Hahahah.... :D But I have tons of bills to pay... gotta transfer money to Serene for the Channel Pets orders... transfer money for the Gummi collars, set aside money for Toby's BARF as well as for their supply of Heartgard... pay my M1 bill and also transfer money to our joint account for utilities bill. Not forgetting puttin money aside to pay for our new HPs :) Aiyoyo.... so many things to pay for.... did I miss out anything or not huh? *siGh* Looks like I have to tighten my expenditure liao...

On a lighter & happier note, I'm so looking forward to this weekend as we will finally be going for our Kelong trip and I can open ceremony and use my fishing rod liao... YiPPy!! Tis time round we wont be going to Gurindam liao... Heard from Pa that we would be trying out a totally different kelong... Well... I hope this kelong is as nice if not better.... at least let us have our own toilets... hehe... most imptly let there be fishes and let us catch them... hahaha... :D Will take loads of pics to show you guys... :)

Monday, July 21, 2008

~*~ La Senza ~*~

Went to work tis morning and immediately tried to order the collars from Pet Essentials cos wasnt able to do it over the weekend from home. Weird that I couldnt do it from home... hmm... anyway, the orders went thru successfully... :) YeAh!!~ but as I was submitting my orders, I looked at the rainbow collars n kena tiao zhu... in the end i bought a pair for the both of them... *gOodness* haf to stop buyin for now liao... *tSk* *tsK*

Anyway... another good news is that JESTER'S BACK!!! So fast right... she went UK last week n now she's back... but since she left so many things have happened... we all had to update her sia... but wats worst is that Angie caught her maid wearing her bra... wat was that man!!!! SSSSSoooooo gross man~ Poor Angie... now have to tink twice each time she uses her own stuffs... yiKes~ =

Anyway it was so nice of Esther to have bought us gifts while she was there... but Esther being Esther, she lost the 1st bag of stuff that she bought for us... hmm... wasted wor... and then she bought these for us... intersting... useful... and some of us even had kinky stuff... hahaha... :)



Jessica's & Priya's

Jo's & mine

Last but not least.... Jasmine's

Jasmine striking a pose... :) Hahaha

Thanks Esther for taking the trouble to choose lingerie for all of us... and thanks to David for accompanying and waiting for more than an hour while she was at it... :)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~*~ Wet Saturaday ~*~

Woke up after 1.30pm today... so shiok... been such a long time since i slpt till this late... heheh... felt abit more energised... hahaha... played with the both of them and since Tamy had oredi gone out to pee both of them were allowed on the bed... den can wake Garry up oso... hahah... :) Having them on bed did the trick... Garry woke up cos both of them started licking him n pushin him as they got comfy on bed... As usual I took some pics of them...

This girl was so kapo! Sat next to garry to watch him arrange the bears...

After the many shots, I captured this expression from Tamy on cam... hahaha...
as if she was pleading with me to finish taking pics of her... hahah...

Ok la ok la... done with taking pictures of you liao la... :) Weather was good when we woke up. It was so hot and sunny so we went for lunch and decided to bring the kids to Club 4 Paws to let them swim... sway sway jus as we were having lunch it starting raining cats and dogs... damn... nw cant bring them liao... they have to sway ku stay at home... hehehe... den will bath them later tonite... :)

Tamy seems to have grown liao... she's growing rather fast i find... most of her baby teeth have all dropped and the permanent oned have all grown too... I also noticed that 2 of her fangs had dropped a couple of days back... but I didnt have time to blog abit it den... but i remembered to take pic of it... heheh... :P

It has been such a busy week that I didnt have time to upload the pics of Toby after he went for full grooming last week... as Tamy recently had her full grooming, she went for only Basic grooming... kekeke... den I dun have to bath both of them liao lor... Here are some pics of the 2 kids in Hougang where we went after their grooming and some when we got home on that day :)

This was why both of them were sitting down with Tamy looking on the floor without moving even when I was calling her... Tamy has learnt that she has to sit down n not move until she hears us say "OK" before she is allowed to move forward to have her mum mum... =) Toby now doesnt have to wait too long before he gets to eat oso. Previously, poor boy had to wait until Tamy was able to sit n not move forward until the "OK" command was given and he would always growl or bark at her whenever he had to wait longer becos of her.

These were taken when we went back home...

We also celebrated Jo's Bday at work on Wednesday... but as so many things happened on that day, I didnt have a chance to upload it till now.... :) Checkout the many expressions man~

Another thing which I've not talked about is that we bought a cupboard for the guest room... hehehe... bought it from this furniture place called Novena. We went to their showroom at Sungei Kadut and bought this at a very reasonable price of $999. I tink it was almost 50% discounted. There was another cupboard that we kinda like but the height was onli midway... it wasnt those ceiling to floor kind so we didnt get it. :)

The cupboard was actuali delivered to us about 2-3 weeks ago but I didnt have time to take pics of it till today. Hehehe.... =Þ Mr Lee cleaned it earlier and he arranged some bedsheets and towels in the respective compartment. After I sorted and hung the kids clothes on the Ikea hangers that I bought a long time back when we onli had Toby, I arranged the kid's stuff in the cupboard. kekek... =Þ

Wah!! Didnt realise that they had so many clothes until I hung evything up sia... but I doubt this would deter me from gettin more for them *oOps* But there were some of Toby's clothes that didn't have matching ones for Tamy... Hmm... nvm la... I guess on certain days they just have to be mismatched... hahah... :) Also, I bought these plastic drawers from Muji specially to keep their collars which is constantly growing in numbers... hahaha... :) not too bad hor... :) at least now they have a space for their barang barang n our house doesnt look so messy. Well... I'll end off here bah... Reali hope to bring them swimming soon....