Friday, May 29, 2009

Walks, Dunks & Splashes... :)

We didnt have anything planned and decided to bring Toby & Tamy for an outing to this place that's somewhat near our place... we took the shortcut from the back of our place which passes along this stretch of canel and across this bridge to where this place is located.

There was an on-going upgrading for a park connector along this stretch. Work is still being done and cemet and gravels are lying everywhere, we decided to carry Toby & Tamy until we reached the section with the newly laid path....

Garry carried Tamy as he was also carrying the bag filled with their toys, toy, comb and other stuff... while I carried Toby who weighs so much heavier now... *pHew* Of cos we had to stop along the way so that I could take pics to remember our 1st trip to this place that we're bringing them to... :) But not for long, the location we were going to was still a distant away... See that bridge on the right pic below, that's where we have to go... kekeke... walk the whole stretch down, then over that bridge and pass a traffic light and we'll reach... :)

Toby & Tamy were finally able to walk on their own... goodness my arms were already aching and the bridge still looks like quite a distant away... hehehe... :)

After walking along the stretch of canel, I stopped on the bridge to take a pic of our block which is located somewhere near the blocks at the far end of this pic... scenary looks nice ah~

After that, I continued on our journey with Toby in my arms as we had to walk at the side of the road with no pathway... this road cuts through the railway track where the Malaysian Train passes every few minutes. Area looks abit kampung hor... heheh... :P

After that long walk, this was where we were going... :) Since the opening of Club 4 Paws, I have been telling Garry that I want to bring Toby & Tamy here for a swim but I have not fulfilled this. So since the weather was good, I decided that we shouldn't be lazy and wasting the day at home. So after packing, we made our walk down to Club 4 Paws... :)

Both Toby & Tamy started sniffing around the area the minute we dropped their leashes~ Tamy's 1st time roaming around with Korkor without being held back... kekeke... our prediction of her behaviour at the dog run might be true after all... even in such a small enclosed area, she is always near Toby~

After that super long walk and sniffing around, the duos decided to rest and since they were near us, we carried them up the playground and took a pic of them there. Tamy looks very pleased with herself... tis little girl is suddenly not scared of heights. As Toby was walking down the side slop, she decided to jump off the top instead... Another pic of the duos jus before entering the pool... :)

The beginning of runs, dunks and splashes... :)

Toby's 1st Dunk and a big splash he made :)

Toby's 2nd dunk...

Tamy to Korkor's rescue... :)

Then it was my turn to dunk Tamy into the pool :)

And den it was Garry's turn to dunk her in...

Of cos, Toby wasnt spared as well... :)

One last dunk for the duos before we head for the showers :)

While Toby was still swimming in the pool, it was Tamy's turn to get thrown in...

The 2 Kaypohs checking out the other MS who was going home...

Obediently waiting for his owner to carry him into the basket... :)

Off they went, and shortly after off we went heading for the showers... :)

We spent slightly longer than an hour at Club 4 Paws and the duos were mostly swimming... The place is clean and spacious. However, there is jus 1 thing I didnt like about this place... which is the bush n grass area tt's near the fence jus along the road. This section has lots of unused stuff and fallen tree branches which may pose as a hazard for our furkids. Also u'll never knw wats hiding in the bushes... It would be a plus point if there is a fench or something blocking the whole stretch after the grassy area so that dogs wont be able to roam around tt area and injure themselves.

We had the long walk back and there was slight drizzle on our way back. Then it was time for another thorough rinse and blow-dry at home... The kids are totally shacked out and so are we... hehehe... but it was fun seeing them swim and enjoying themselves :) Now that we are members here, I tink we would be going for swims more often :)