Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's been quite awhile...

It's been more than a week since I updated my blog and this is becos I've been hit by the flu virus once again!!! It's the 2nd time this year... :( Somehow, as you grow older, your body takes longer to recover and u are more prone to catching any virus especially if there's a lack of rest!

Though I've been under the weather the pass few days, it happens that there has been many happenings going around me... 1stly, Toby fell very sick and kept vomitting... Thank goodness I was well when he fell sick... poor boy was so weak and yet he didnt wan to eat anything... He was back to his usual self within 2 days... thank god for that~ :) then there were 2 BBQs that were lined up and also the 7th month dinner. All these took place consecutively and I subsequently fell sick after the dinner~ *siGh*

1st up was Grace's 21st Bday BBQ held at ECP. Weather was cooling and the food was good :) It started drizzling nearing the end and so we started packing and heading home.

Next was Sharroon's Bday BBQ the next day :) Food was good too but the weather was not too good~ It started raining jus before we started the BBQ so we had to wait till later... and while we were BBQ-in, it started to drizzle v lightly and gradually subsided. But all in all, the company was great :)

During this period of time, we were also in the midst of looking around for a 2nd hand car and went for viewing @ Turf City. A week later, we are now the proud owners of this 10 month old Premio :) Though it isnt the color we wanted initially, I'm kinda getting used to the Silver. It comes with leather seats and the interior is all black except for certain parts that's dark brown. Quite ah chek looking but it beats not having a car!~ :) Hahaha... Though it's jus a 1.5L car, it's very spacious and the pick-up is also good even when fully loaded with people and goods~ :)

The Exterior :)

The Interior :)

We've been shopping for stuff for the car or more like stuff for the furries that can be used in a car and now I'm finally able to use it all! Woohoo~ Heheh... Out from the cupboards and into the car~ :) Toby & Tamy have yet to sit in our new ride as it's been raining the past 2 days and also becos I'm still sick so we didnt bring them out. They'll probably get to see and ride in it this weekend~ No plans yet... everything depends on the weather...

I'm happy with the whole car except for the horrid sound system!!! hahaha.... everything tts coming out from the speakers sounds flat n lao hong! Hahaha.... next up, we'll be looking for a new sound system for our Premio... Anyone with good lobangs to recommend? Good sound system at reasonable price? Give me a buzz k... :)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's been awhile... :)

Since I last updated my blogs and I've been received emails, messages and asked verbally why there hasnt been any update for so long... Busy la peeps~ :P But I've decided that it's time to start updating since I've got a line of programs planned this weekend... busty busy man~ 2 BBQs lined back to back and the 7th month dinner on sunday~ phEw!! :)

Anyway my recent Bangkok trip was a very eventful one... everyone enjoy themselves and we bought loads of stuff home... We left the furries with Serene & Adeline during this period of time and they also njoyed themselves v much... Tamy found a new choo choo train partner and Toby went for his 1st and I'm pretty sure only Offroad Drive at the Offroad Park in Tuas :)

Well... enaf said, here are the pics we took... :)

My precious minutes before we were to leave home to send them to their respective caretakers :)

Us at Changi Airport on our way to our gate...

The beautiful view from up there...

As we saved quite a fair bit on our SQ tickets, we decided to splurge abit more on our hotel room. This time round we wanted to stay somewhere that had 1 of the best locations and so we booked our hotel stay at Arnoma Hotel... location was fantastic and all our 3 rooms were great!!! Clean ands spacious!!! :) We checked-in about 9pm and we were automatically upgraded to the executive floor, the 22nd :) All our rooms were jus next to each other in front of the lift lobby :) How convenient can it get!

After settling into our respective rooms, we walked to Big C which was next to the hotel to get some food supplies... kekeke... :P Rations in case we get hungry at nite after all the shopping and walking...

As it was rather late, we decided to jus feast on our cup noodles for the 1st nite... :)

Day 2 - the view from our room

Pic of where we stayed taken from Central World which was directly opposite :)

Our 1st stop was Erawin Shrine where Garry offered prayers... while he was at it, we were busy taking pics :)

Den we walked over to Chitlom to take the BTS to Chaktuchak~ :) Journy was fast and we arrived within minutes. Didnt take much pics there as I was busy looking for stuffs. Kinda disappointed trip as I wasnt able to find my ceramic dog bowls, shoes and tent. *siGh* The best buy at Chaktuchak were the Heartgards that I feed the furries monthly. Price was almost 1/2 the usual I pay when I get it in Singapore~ *tsk tsk tsk*

After almost 1/2 a day, we went over to JJ Mall which is located next to Chaktuchak to continue shopping~ We stopped over for lunch at Ajisen... :)

Den we spilt up and continued shopping around. After that Garry & I decided to have our coffee break at Black Canyon!! Yummy but a tad too sweet... :)

For Dinner, we went to Chinatown and spilt into 2 cabs. For those who wanna go to this place that we went and if u also need to spilt cabs, jus tell the taxi driver to stop you at the White Orchid Hotel in Chinatown. The seafood place is located jus a few steps away~

We were all famished and I forgot to take pics of the food~ Hahaha... :P Here's Van looking satisfied with the food~ And more pics of the aftermath...

Everyone's all full and happy~

Van posing with papa's cap that he bought at Chaktuchak earlier tt day...

Day 3 - More shoppings but I didnt buy much for myself... instead I bought this for Nicky~

After all the walking, it was time to sooth the aches... Only the men did it tis round as we were afraid that it would be too painful~

We were rather amazed at each others toes and simply had to take a pic of it...kekeke... Sara's toes looked the weirdest!! :P Her hand is also the smallest...

Day 4 - Platinum!!! Shopping Heaven!! :) Here's us taking a short break~

Van tinking wat to buy next... tsk tsk tsk~

We were too lazy to go anywhere for dinner and so we headed down to the Chinese restaurant in the hotel...

Den it was Van's and my turn to get a foot massage~

We also ordered room service after that~ kekeke... We were impressed that they were able to push this warmer that could transform into a table inside the room~ Amazing~ :)

Den it was group pic time and we called papa & mummy over to join in the feast~ :)

Day 5 - We decided to skip breakfast so that we could wake up slightly later and also to have lunch at MoMo Paradise where Elna intro-ed to me... :)

Sara needed to go to the ladies and we went to Swarovski while waiting for her before we headed down to NARAYA! :) At Swarovski, we ended up getting this~ Hard to find snow flake in this size in S'pore. Even the outlet at Changi Airport only had the large one or the set of 3.

As we were on our way to dinner, there was a large crowd gathering outside 1 of the entrances of Big C and we realised that they were singing songs for the Queen as it was her birthday~ I'm presuming its for some blessings for her or something like that la... :) Even the hawkers lighted candles and joined in the singing n stopped doing business. On the large screen in front of Central World, they were showing some event that was taking place at some location at the same time... and they were all singing the same song~

Well, since it was our last nite in BKK, we had to go back to our favourite seafood place and sapu more of my favourite prawns!! :) Took more pics while we waited for our seats to be ready~

This time, I remembered to take pics~ :P

After tat we had Bird's Nest at another restaurant for dessert~

After that we decided to go back to our hotel since most of the shopping area were already closed. This time round, we didnt popby Suan Lom. Anyway, I told Van & Sara to display all their stash of things bought over the past few days... these 2 girls keep buyin n buyin but their funds never seem to get lesser! Imagine, they only changed $500 each and managed to get SO many things~ They have enaf clothes to last them 2 months without even repeating anything~ *HORRIBLE*

These are only things tat belong to both of them. There are some more stuff that they bought for friends and of cos Terry and Tommy which were not displayed!

Sara's (left) & Van's (right) Stash

We left Singapore with 4 luggages and we went home with 10!! *fainted*

Horrible horrible~

Finally we arrived at Changi Airport... :)

Amongst the luggages, the 1 that looked like a casulty of war was the orange one that belong to papa & mummy!! Horrible la... the lock was faulty and becos of the amount of things cramped inside, the sides would have burst if it gets handled roughly. Hence, it required 3 luggage straps to secure it...

The wounded~ :P

It was so sweet of Serene to fetch Toby from Adeline's before sending both of them back to me at Hougang~ Rest for abit before both my babies returned home and with a new haircut!! :) hehehe... after that we drove back home~ :)

The furries lying next to each other while we unpacked. I tink they missed each other as well... :)

And den it was bedtime for all of us~ I've missed them so much~ :)