Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Wow~~~ 2 more months to the BiG DaY!!!

I can't believe how fast time flies.... especially now when i'm so bz with work and preparations for our wedding!! :) Weekdays pass by in a blink n weekends pass even faster! Goodness! There's so many things to do during the weekends... i cant remember whens the last i actually slpt without having to wake up earli jus to get something done.... goodness.... i'm jus waiting for the actual day to come... till then... life goes on...i'll survive the lack of slp... :P

anyway here are some of the pics i've taken of the hse that's before and in the midst of bein renovated.... will take some after reno n update later... We just had our indoor photoshoot's some of the photoshoot photos that we managed to take... hope u like it... :)

These are the final perspective of the house:

Before renovation:

During Renovation:

Our Wedding Photo Shoot (Indoor):

Sunday, May 01, 2005

~~~ H@ppiE LaBouR DaY!! ~~~

Seems likes ages since i've updated my blog man.... :) What to do... been kinda busy since i started work.... reports and emails piling up by the day sia... now i'm rushing to do the submission for this years' EXSA Awards.... gotta submit to Spring by 6 May and yet still not given it to me GCEO to sign them....

All the SBUs reali gettin on my nerve sometimes... some jus not cooperative sia.... even after the briefing they still make some errors... but come to think ant it cant blame them oso la.... the softcopy of the form from spring is reali not user-friendly man... haiz... eng up me haf to do the alignments and all for all of them... *siGhz* wat to do....

Anyway, enaf about work liaos la.... it's labour day man! Kekekek... time to relax n enjoy... :) Just went to select the tiles for my house yesterday... aiyo... took us an hour jus to decide on it man... :P hee... but it was worth the experience n time la... hehehe.... things are reali starting to get busy liaos.... :P we've jus received the letter from HDB n willbe collecting our keys on 13 May... heeheeheheh.... excited sia... if there's nothing wrong with the place den our reno can start on 16 May... yeah!~

We've more or less decided the color scheme for the house liaos... kekeke..... my favourite colors... :) the designs have more or less been settled oso... the only things lacking would be the exact measurements which can onli be done after we've gotten the key to our plc... hmmm..... so far tiles and wall colors settled oredi... now need to wait for our designer to come out with the layout for the kitchen cabinet as well as our wardrope and bed storage area... ekekek... :)

Still need to source for our tv (think roughly which brand n model we wan liao), aircon, dining table, 2-3 dining chairs, coffee table n sofa... oh ya n mattress oso... erm.... as well as lightings and curtains.... hee.... i guess that all la... the household appliances have more or less been settled by both our parents, his bro n sis as well as my aunt.... (We've done our research n told them wat we needed... kekeke... :P now onli need to wait for discount den will purchase it once the reno has been more or less completed.)

Anyway, I'm attaching the 1st drafts of the living, dining and partial of the kitchen.... still haf amendments to be made.... but jus to let you guys have a feel of how the place would look like... comments whether good or bad are welcome so u noe how to reach me with your comments ah... :P

Draft Perspective of Living Room

Draft Perspective of Dining Area & Partial Kitchen