Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Lovable Duos

Went to the market this morning to get the balance food for tonite's steamboat... yeah~ finally im having steamboat at home once again with my family... they'd be coming over later and den we can watch the Star Awards together :) We also bought 1.5kg of lean meat and 1 pig's heart (that's the last piece) to make the dehydrated treats for all 4 of our furkids.

After sorting our the pork and heart on the dehydrater I started brushing the furries and as they were looking all fluffy and clean, I took pics of them :) hehehe... I'm glad that Toby's fur around his chest and leg area are starting to grow out and its looking almost as it was before... his fur jus needs to grow longer same goes for his beard... :)

I'm hoping that the brown stains around their mouth would lighten in time... I have to be more conscientious and hardworking to reali wipe their mouth & beard clean and dry after every meal *siGh* I dont tink I can leave with it if it gets more brownish than wat it is now cos that's the only area tt's brown on them... *sOb*

Garry's finished preparing the soup, fish, chicken and prawns for the steamboat not too long ago and whats left are all the different types of balls and veges which can be done later... :) All we've gotta do is sit and wait for the gang to come... kekek... :) Maybe I can catch up with reading my Nora Robert's Cross Trilogy that I bought some time back which I'd not started as I was hooked with the Vampire Saga which I have recently completed... :) The Cross Trilogy is also about magic and vampires though... hahahah....

~*~ Happy 68th PaPa ~*~

The weather is terribly hot that the air around us feels so warm.. its as if we're in a warm oven!!!~ Becos of the heat, my head felt heavy and there was the occassional throbbing.

We celebrated my FIL's 68th Birthday earlier today and everyone met up for dinner... it was a very noisy gathering cos all 5 grand children were together and when they are together... all hell breaks loose... ahaha.... but it was great seeing them enjoying themselves :)

As always, the 2 girls were stuck to me the moment we met up... :) I was also finally able to pass the clothes that I bought for them during the recent Online Spree... and the shorts looks nice on Elrina... :) Time for more online shopping with my SIL liao... hahahaha... :P 1st from Candy Club, then Yarnling, then Orange Bear and soon another one from Candy Club :) woopie~

And I was bugged non-stop but RuiYi's questions... she really has alot to say and ask... kekeke... Anyway after dinner, everyone headed back to our place for the cake~ Garry bought the D24 Durian cake from Emicakes and it was D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!! :)

A pic of the grand children during the Birthday Song~

And pics of the monkeys with their gong gong/yehyeh :)

Candle Blowing session... evyone had to help~ :)

And everyone had to help cut the cake too... hehehe... :)

Toby & Tamy also had lots of fun cos there were so many kids playing with them... but half the time, the kids were playing with their toys among themselves... and Toby & Tamy jus looked at them... they had abit of a confused look on their faces though... hahaha.... :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kiss The Rain - Bella's Lullaby

Though it's been months since the release of Twilight, I am still so loving it... It's amazing how I managed to finish reading Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse within the last 1 week and now I'm reading Breaking Dawn. Somehow now that I am 2/3s through the last book, I cant bare to finish reading it even though I wanna know what kind of ending there is to this whole Vampy Saga. I just cant bear to not be able to read about the pain, saddness, anguish, heartaches love, happiness that all the characters portray in the story... *siGh*

I'm falling in love all over again... with Edward... *aaahhhh* I cant stop listening to Bella's lullaby at work and even at home... I've gotta set this as my ringtone soon... hahah... its so romantic and all lovy-dovy... mushy even to a certain extend... if only fantasies come true, I wish that I was in Bella's shoe... aaawww... a lifetime... a forever for as long as we both shall live... together with Edward... *oooHhh....* :) But back to reality, I'm so blessed to have Garry as my Edward :)

Heheh... well... there seems to be so many versions of Bella's Lullaby... While I was doing my search online I came across these 2 compositions by Yiruma... Kiss The Rain and River Flows In You ... I have been listening to it over and over again before I finally found the Mp3 for these... I hope you'll enjoy this as much as I do...

Kiss the Rain
River Flows In You

While continuing my reserach, I found that the Official Bella's Lullaby was simply entitled Bella's Lullaby by Carter Burwell and this can be found here.

Somehow, some genius named Hienie came up with the lyrics for Kiss the Rain... and I find this so suited for Jacob's love for Bella and his heart breaking encounter... den after much finding, I found one of the best clip of this girl singing this song.

Kiss the Rain (Composer - Yiruma / Lyrics - Hienie / Singer - Anna)

I often Close my eyes
And I can see you smile
You reach out for my hand
And I’m woken from my dream
Although your heart is mine
Its hollow inside
I never had your love
And I never will

And every night
I lie awake
Thinking maybe you love me
Like I’ve always loved you
But how can you love me
Like I’ve loved you when
You can’t even look me
Straight in my eyes

I’ve never felt this way
To be so in love
To have someone there
Yet feel so alone
Aren’t you supposed to be
The one to wipe my tears
The one to say that you
Would never leave

The waters calm and still
My reflection is there
I see you holding me
But then you disappear
All that is left of you
Is a memory
And that only exist in my dreams

And every night
I lie awake
Thinking maybe you love me
Like I’ve always loved you
But how can you love me
Like I’ve loved you when
You can’t even look me
Straight in my eyes

I don’t know what hurts you
But I can feel it too
And it just hurts too much
To know that I can’t do a thing
And deep down in my heart
Somehow I just know
That no matter what
I’ll always love you

I often Close my eyes
And I can see you smile
You reach out for my hand
And I’m woken from my dream
Although your heart is mine
Its hollow inside
I never had your love
And I never will
So why am I still here in the rain

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~*~ Going Going Gone ~*~

That's exactly what's happening to my funds... it's depleting at a very alarming rate!! And the reason for this is the long weekend that we jus had... I've been shopping from Friday right up till Sunday... What I bought? Clothes n more clothes... n SHOEs!! :) It's been a long while since I spent on shoes... and I love shoes... especially those that fit me... hahaha...

Well... I was too lazy to take pics of the new clothes that I bought... kekeke... you'll see it when you do... in time... :) but these below are my lovely shoes!! :) There is another pair of shoe that I will be collecting on sat... did a transfer of stock since I would be around the vacinity on sat n I'd be able to collect it... kekek... will take pics of that pair after collecting it... :) I simply love pointed toe heels... and thank god these heels weren't too high at all... WooHoo~

The good news is that I'll have new shoes n clothes to use but the bad news is that I'm super broke. On top of these buys, I've also bought some stuff from Esther's spree though not for myself... and I also more collars for the duo... kekeke... Thank god I paid for most of the collars way way earlier... hehehe... Oh ya~ I also bought these for Toby & Tamy... Their very own Poochie Pouch which Serene so kindly collected for me...

Serene reserved the Pink one (It's plain pink n not checkered like in the pic) for Tamy in Size 4 and the blue for Toby in Size 5... woopie... I cant wait to get my hands on it... kekeke... den we can bring them cycling sometime... yeAh!!~ :) Thanks Serene~ you're the Best!! *HuGz*

Thursday, April 09, 2009

What kind of Herb are you....

Well.... I'm the same as my dad... we're Chamomiles... Wonder what mummy, Van and Sara is... :)

You Are Chamomile

You are a peaceful, relaxed person. Nothing really gets under your skin.

You appreciate coziness and comfort. There's nothing you like better than a good nap.

You don't let yourself stress or worry. You believe all things work out in the end.

You are able to remain serene in the middle of a storm. You believe it's important to be a gentle person.

Koko is Basil... :)

You are a mild mannered person. People feel naturally calm around you.You are warm hearted and loving. You have a close knit circle of friends and family.You have the courage to be who you are in life, even if others disagree. You're proud of your uniqueness.You are good at caring for and healing others. You are naturally soothing.

Garry is rosemary…

You are stable and grounded. You may take a slow, steady approach to live, but you're a survivor.You are an intellectual and very rational. You can see things from a logical, detached viewpoint.You are successful but not particularly ambitious. You have a way of letting success come to you.You tend to be a bit understated and modest. You let your accomplishments speak for themselves

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Jam Packed weekend

Where should I begin... there's jus so many things to update... I'm sure this is going to be a long one so bare with me ya... :P 1st thing's 1st... Garry celebrated his 33rd birthday on Friday and we had a mini celebration for him. Met up with Van & Sara and we went to this Jap place for dinner and once again I forgot to take pics of the yummy spread that we had... kekeke...

And on sat, we had a birthday party to attend... it was like a dual celebration cos both Daddy & daughter's birthday fell on the same day :) We headed off to Joelle's place around 1pm and took a slow walk there under the blistering sun... they live 2 bus-stops away from me... :)

Richard & Joelle have really outdone themselves by decorating their place for their little Princess's 1st birthday party... tsk tsk... looks very bright and sunny... like a child care centre :) even I had alot of fun... hahaha... Thanks for inviting Garry & myself wor... kekeke...

We were one of the few who arrived and shortly after the rest came... totally forgot to take my cam out until after we had lunch... hehehe... Here's Cindy jiejie playing with all the babies... :) She's a hot babe herself... :)

A shot of Gabby whispering to Richard... asking where her mummy was... :)

Nicky & Mr Lee playing...

Den Nicky found tt sitting on Mr Lee's thigh was more comfortable... hahaha... :)

The girls playin... in time, Megan would be joining them... :)

I jus had to take this close shot of Nicky... love him to bits... :)

By now, you should be able to tell that I cant stop taking pics of Nicholas... :) He's such a loveable and huggable charmer... hehehe... :) and he's grown so much since the last we saw him in Jan...

More pics of Megan who was slightly cranky... :P

And of Bernice... looking abit grumpy cos I was disturbing her from her lunch...

Nicky's a ladies' man... :)

And Megan's such a doll...

Presenting Megan's very lovely Birthday cake from Cupcake Divinity... :)

Then it was Daddy's turn to cut his surprise cake from Joelle... :)

The Cheng's chilling on the play matt.... Only Daddy Cheng was missing as he couldnt make it...

And of cos more shots of this little guy... :)

Littly Gabby definately loves sweet stuffs... :)

I chose this pretty purple pink lady bird design... :)

Then it was time for Nicholas & Angie to leave... :) Nicky kissing Valerie Jiejie good-bye... I guess even Valerie was smitten by him... hehehe... :)

We left shortly after and took a slow stroll home... good thing it rained earlier on so the weather wasnt as hot as when we were walkin over earlier on...

We didnt do much on Sunday as Garry had to go shao mu with his family & relative while I stayed home as Gora came over to clean the place... we went to fetch my family around 5+ and headed off to Courts in Tampiness... den we decided to head down to AMK Hub to get some stuff. On our way there, the weirdest and least expected thing happened!!~

We were cruising down TPE and were along SLE when this happened... there was this row of private houses along this short stretch of SLE and as we were approaching that section, I chanced upon this naked man running and hiding behind this high fench that was situated near the row of private houses. I was initially shock as I never expected this to happen. U usually see this only on drama shows... hahaha...

The distance between our car and where that guy was hiding wasnt too wide... I could even make out how he looks like and boy was he in shock! Hahaha... he had on tt shocked n frightened look on his face... it was as though he was running away from a scandal gone wrong! Hahaha...

Wateva it is, I jus thank god that there wasnt any accident at that moment when he decided to dash for the fence and flash his naked self to anyone driving down SLE towards AMK... :D So much for my exciting and tiring weekend...

I made plans to meet up with my sisters after work yesterday for dinner and to go shopping... since Van and I were earli, we went to Raffles Hotel 1st as I wanted to get my Key & Change purse... yippy~ I now have a complete matching set... hehehe... I'm more than contented with my stash at the moment... hahahah... :P And Garry has also started using his wallet... :) Looks like we're Damier Fans and the collection is starting to grow :)

After that, we headed down to Bugis Village and there, I bought 1 top and a dress which I cant imagine when I'll wear it... hahaha... I cant get over the fact that I even bought it... please dun laff at me when u see me wearing it k... cos it'll be something u'll least expect..... heheheh... :P Anyway we headed back to Bugis Junction, went to Dorothy Perkins and I bought 2 tops there... my my my.... I seriously have to stop spending $$$. I'm going to be so broke this month... *dread*

I came home from work today and stepped into a war zone that Toby & Tamy decided to create... these 2 rascals are horrible... this is by far the worst mess ever... minutes after Garry cleared the mess, it was back to the same state again... tsk tsk tsk... these 2 must be having a jolly good time... :)

Here's a pic of Toby running to get his toy and of Tamy sneaking out to snatch Toby's toy...

Another of Tamy running to me and sitting down cos I made the angry hmm sound and of Toby hiding at his fav spot takin a peek to see if anything was going to happen to Tamy... this korkor hor... always run or hide at the 1st sound of trouble... kekeke... :)

Thank goodness its a short work week this week cos we have to bring down the service level for emails and becos of that everyone is assigned to do full day emails and I have a serious problem with hiting the targets set... in a way, it'll be a tiring and long weekend for us since its Mondi Thur which means that we have to go visiting of churches after dinner on thur and on fri we have to go for Good Friday service in the morning... but at least we'll be done by 2pm and we get to rest until Sunday which will be Easter Sunday... :)