Saturday, March 13, 2010

Great Buy!~:)

We were supposed to bring the furries out today but as Garry had to go back to work, they once again had to stay home... Good thing that work didnt keep him at the office for too long. Waited for him to come back n we left home about 3pm for lunch. I was jus so sick of cookin n eating the same food for the pass 10 days and decided that today, I'm gonna go out for fish soup! :) It was super yummy!

After lunch we headed down to IMM as I wanted to go Daiso to get some stuff... and after that we headed down to Giant as I wanted to get a Digital bathroom scale... since I'm on a diet so I decided what the hell maybe its time i invested in one. Didnt wanna spend too much on a digital scale so tot I'd try my luck there.

Our 1st stop was at guardian and we found one... it was about $26 but it was so so onli for me cos I didnt reali like how it looked. Since we had to get some other stuff in Giant, we decided to cross over to try our luck there. And I was pretty lucky cos I really managed to find one.... hahaha.... though it was aboout $10 more, I preferred the design and the overall look.

TADA!!! Presenting my new Digital Weighing Scale :) Looks sleek and chic? Hehehe... Looks ok rite? Hahaha.... I really like it... it comes in red and black but i decided to get the black :)

I'm very happy with my buy and the best thing is that I didnt have to pay for any of my purchase in Giant as I had Capitaland Mall vouchers that I could use there... Woohoo!!! :) We headed off for dinner at Yew Tee and I had YTF (Yong Tau Fu) there... :) Though I only had veg, mushroom and tau kua, I was very full oredi.. surprising hor... :P As we were finishing up, we suddenly heard a man shouting and as we were seated quite far from the sound, we thought that his child got scalded as we heard a child cry.

As we were walkin out, we crossed path with this family and realised that the father had actuali scolded his child which resulted in the crying. As we waited for the lift to the MCP, we realised that he had slapped his child for misbehaving and not bcos anyone got injured. There was quite a crowd there and the father was simply scoldig his son who looked to be about 3-4 yrs old. What's embaressing is that he started scolding his son with words like Fuck..., I give u face u dun wan face.... CB...... how many times must i tell u to keep still n dont run... fucking.... throughout the whole time, he kept using the words Fuck and CB and his sons were so young.

How embaressing can it get I wonder. Not so much for the kid but more on the parents. What kind of impression are u giving others? Aiyoz... reali la... if im a parent, i would never have used such a language in front of the kids not to even mention in public... what would others think man... *peNgz*

Anyway, we got home and after keeping everything, I took out the scale and decided to weigh myself... after 11 days, I was hoping that at least I lost maybe 1-2kg... cos I feel that I still look about the same as before... When i stood on the scale, I realised that I'd lost 4kg!!! Yippy!!! :) At least my efforts hasnt been wasted :) and I feel happy that it's paid off and that I've lost more than I expected. I hope that before the next weigh-in, I'd have lost more.... :)

I also weighed Toby and Tamy and my darling boy is only 6.4kg whilst my pui char bor is 6kg!! Goodness.... to think that I've oredi given more food to Toby and lesser to Tamy.... *siGh* I have to increase more of Toby's intake from now so that he can at least be slightly heavier. I like him with abit more flesh... As for Tamy, she's fleshy enaf and I'd jus maintain her size :) I cant wait for them to meet their frenz tomorrow.... Looking forward to our gathering!~:) I hope the weather would be cool and dry~

Friday, March 12, 2010

~*~Bitter Sweet Moments ~*~

After almost 5 years, it was time for us to bid farewell to one of the smartest and wittiest lady most of us have ever known. It was a happy yet sad moment espeically for some of us who have been under her wings since our 1st day at work. We thought that 2 months was still a long way but suddenly, yesterday marked Lyn's last day at work!!! AAaarrrgggghhhhh..... :(

She was like a mother hen to most of us. She was always there whenever we needed someone to get help for whenever we encounter difficulties at work, to get advice from, to vent our frustrations or even for gossips or the casual chit chats. She is someone who had a memory of a server with no limits, could multi-task a million things at a time and she could remember almost everything n anything almost instantly. She could also remember what each of us had and she would be able to spot if you had something new on you or if u did something new to yourself.

I will miss her sudden laughter, her explanations, her tons of make-up tt she stashes at home n lugs along with her daily, her cold jokes, her whinning n even her dragging of heels as she walks around the office :)

Anyway, we bought for Lyn her farewell present a day before and we all liked it! :) hehehe.... so LYN!! If u ever come back... u know who likes what color ya... :P we also got her a farewell card that sums up everything that most of us have been muttering since the day we heard that she was leaving us....

Today's the 1st day at work without Lyn and I felt kinda lost... though there are others that we can turn to, somehow it's still different. I miss walkin to her or even emailing her my queries... I miss the almost instant solutions I get and I miss her logical reasonings. I know it takes time to get used to the new situation but most time, time is not the essence at work... *siGh* I pray that the situation would improve and that we will be able to adapt to the new way things are going to be like at work. The shoes that Lyn has left are very big to fill...

We're sad that u've left us and We Miss U lots.... But we will still stay in touch... Wishing you all the very best and may you always be loved and stay happy in whatever you choose to embark on... *HuGz*

On a lighter note, its the weekend oredi!!! Thank god! :) Mr Lee have been working late recently and we haven really had much time together as well as to spend with our babies... so Im hoping to spend more time with the 3 of them this weekend :) And I cant wait to meet my dearies on Sunday when we meet up with our babies!! WooHoo... :)

It's been 10 days since I started my diet and I must say it's been good. Though I'm kinda sick of the method of cooking but... just eat lor... chew & swallow... at times I get sick at the sight of food esp the ones that I have to cook. This Garry isnt helping at times cos he would be cooking instant noodles and eating it in front of me... and there would be sausages, crabmeats, sotong ball and egg. Gggrrr.... my only weakness I realised.... *siGh* I have to have determination and perserverence!!!

On a better note, we have more or less finalised our KL trip over the Labour Day weekend and the best is that Esther & David would be joining us!! It was a v v last minute decision for them but it was David who had decided to come along! Woohoo~ :) So now, there would be Angie, Sengster and Nicky, Priya & Dinesh, Esther & David and us... :) It's gonna be so much fun!!! Hehehe.... On an even better note, I'd booked my next holiday trip!!! YIPPY!!! :) Our destination, BALI :) It was abit of a struggle for me to decide between Bali and Bangkok but I decided to give BKK a miss this year. I still hope to go back to BKK soon... maybe in a year or so? Thank goodness there is still time for planning on where to stay in Bali but I'm getting more n more confused... : Anyone with any good suggestions on where to stay? Drop me a note ya~ :)

Friday, March 05, 2010

~*~ Happy Birthday Babes ~*~

We had a mini celebration for Esther today as her birthday falls on Sunday :) And she would be spending her birthday this year in Phuket!!~ So shiok... :) My hopes to follow Garry to Phuket at the end of this month when he goes there for his Sales Conference have been shattered!~ :( Apparently spouse are not allowed to tag along this round... Damn....

Anyway, I bought Esther a mini cake and she had it during lunch :) What's a birthday without a cake rite? Hehehe.... :P

Happy Birthday Esther!! :)

Esther enjoying her cake :)

We also had a small gathering in the afternoon as it will be Joey's birthday tomorrow :) Welcome Welcome babe~ This year makes a new chapter for her... not only has she joined the majority of us in age, she will soon be promoted to a Mrs soon... :)

Happy Birthday Joey!! :)

Dinner today was a lonely affair as Mr Lee had to work late once again... which means that I had to make my way home alone... how boring... left office around 7pm, came home, cooked & while I was eating I prepared tmw's Breakfast and Lunch. This is now my daily routine and I'm soon getting the hand of things. Tonight's Menu - Stir fry Xiao Bai Cai with Beef + an orange :)

I managed to finish everything by 9pm and managed to sit back and watch the 9pm show on Channel 8 :) While doing so, I caught the furries in this position... :P Hahah... this girl is forever so lazy... cant even move into her own bed to snooze properly :) She was trying so hard to keep her eyes open while in that position... until she finally gave up and jumped into her own bed where she curled herself up n started snoring away :)

Well, this about marks the end of my 1st week of my dieting. I must say everything is getting on quite well... Thank god I dun get hunger pangs often nor do i feel faint. There isnt any special craving too which is good :) I hope this continues on until I've achieved my goal. I'm looking forward to this weekend... doing some grocery shopping and getting other essential stuff.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

~*~ I'M BACK!! ~*~

It's been a long long while since I last updated my blog and I've had lots of comments and feedback from everyone... why no updates? It's been awhile... Your blog has cobwebs growing... yada yada yada... Reason? Lazy lor... now that I've got my iphone, I've been busy snapping pics n posting it on FB... hahaha.... :)

Update about us... I've been well and Garry's doing great too. The furkids are having a blast as well... :) Though they haven been going for much outings lately due to the festivities, both are really well... Toby has lost some weight as we've decided to change their food portion. Weird that Tamy is still as fleshy as ever... anyway we are substituting some of their meals with HCF and the portion of their dehydrated treats have increased too...

Now that all the festivities are over, I believe that I would have more time updating my blog once again :) Thanks to those who have been popping by and reading about the happenings around me and whatever I have to say~ I'm sorry for the lack of updates but I hope to have more to share with everyone be it the happenings that affect me or the outings that I attend... c",)

CNY came and passed and everythings back in place... I have to say that this CNY has been 1 where I've had the most YuShengs and steamboat sessions. There is always a Loh Hei session at each gathering... I've taken pics over the CNY period and these are some that I would like to share :)

Chu Yi - 1st stop @ my in-laws :)

RuiYi - Our Hiao Little Niece

The whole family~

My In-laws with their grandchildren~

My BILs & SILs

The 3 Masketeers? Fu Lou Shou? Hahaha... c",)

Us with the noisy bunch... :)

My SIL's kids - Eldin & Elrina

It has always been tradion for us to go back to my parents place on Chu Er before we head of to our friend's place before all of us head back to my parent's plc in the evening. This year is no different :) There were too many people around and I didnt manage to take any photos... :)

The weekend was spent with family at my place and in the evening at my parent's place once again as my uncles and aunts were coming over for a mini gathering~ And so, we Loh Hei-ed once again :)

At my parent's place in the evening~ And once again another Loh Hei session :P

Terry & Tommy were very well-behaved that nite...

My cousin's daughter who looks so much like me when I was her age :P I've seen so many kids that resembles me... hahaha... i wonder how my own kid would turn out to be next time... :P

We invited some friends to come over our place over the weekend and we had a good time :) Sorry that we couldnt accomodate everyone as I wanted to haf a small scale gathering so that I have enough time for everyone :) Coincidentally it also happened to be Tamy's birthday on 21 Feb and I had to order something special for the furries :)

1st group in the afternoon~

My Angels - Nicholas & Natalie :) *mUaCkz*

My kakis~ :)

Angie singing a bday song to Tamy :)

The something special that I bought for the furries & their frenz for her bday~

The cupcakes could also be consumed by us... Here's Priya & Jessica having their cuppies before leaving :)

A pic of my precious waiting for their cuppies :)

Check out Nattie's face... :P

In the evening we had my girlies over :) And it's Loh Hei once again :P

The Yeos :)

Edison posing with the Birthday girl :)

Shortly after dinner, everyone left as the next day was a working day for them... Garry & myself took leave to relax... :)

Amidst all the gatherings, I also met up with my Dearies after work for dinner @ Kovan :) Upon recommendation by Serene, we headed down to Nakhon Kitchen for Thai food!~ Afterwhich we headed over to Macs! Hahaha.... Sat and ChitChat until pass midnite~ :P

Chinese New Year this year was reali a time for us to get together, gamble (though there wasnt much opportunity) and to eat! We ended our CNY with a birthday dinner for LianHoon @ Pearl River :)

And there was one more final Loh Hei Session there... :)

Gong Xi Fa Cai to all of ya~

These 2 dragons had a good time too...

We substituted the cake for cuppies instead since we had so much to eat... these were from Crystal Jade and surprisingly there weren't that bad.

Happy Happy Birthday LianHoon!!~

Some of us headed home after dinner while Sharron, Alethea, Grace and the both of us headed down to 1 of my favourite chillax plc...

This about sums up all the going-ons in February... After all the gathering and eating, I've decided to start on my new diet plan. Hahaha... yes u guys heard me right... I'M GOING TO BE ON A STRICT NO CARBS DIET! :)The last time I dieted was before my wedding and I tink it's time for me to start again... :) So far I'm into Day 2 of dieting and it's been good. Not what I had expected and I dont get much hunger pangs too... :)

Thanks to those whom I've spoken to for all the moral suppport and encouragement. As for the rest of you who have yet to eat with me, pls dun be shocked when u see my new meals :) No more soups, no more rice/noodles, no more sweets n all... This round is going to be even more strict compared to the last round. Temptation would not get the better of me... I've done this once before and I'm doing it again...

Apart from losing the weight, I hope that I'll be saving more $ too... heheh... den i can shop more online :P The good thing is that I'll be preparing all the meals from home too.. so no more eating outside :P How long would this go on? It's gonna be indefinate for now. Well it's not too bad actually. I'll still be eating but it would be controlled intake :) So I wont be starving myself and doing things wrongly :P Heheh...