Friday, March 22, 2013

It Has Been....

2 years 8 months since I last pen my thoughts, feelings, happiness, sadness and even frustration here... So much has happened in this span of time and every fragment of memory is embeded and stored close for me to look back, cherish and remember. I don't really know why I'm starting to blog again or if there would be anyone reading my posts but this is somewhere I know where I can unload evything that's on my mind.

We've sold our love nest in CCK in December 2011 with the help of Mr Cheng and have been staying with my family for the past 1yr plus while we wait for our 2nd love nest to be completed. This time, we'd be staying closer to my parents and friends and it's a place I really look forward to moving into.

Staying with my parents has it's pros & cons... the duos especially Toby has a play companion, Tommy, since Tamy doesnt really like to play tug-of-war, it's crowded, it's noisy, but it's heartening at the same time as I get to have homecooked food on weekdays and also spend alot of time with my parents & sisters though they can be a pain at times :)

As a family, we've all been through alot at home the past 2 years... some of us are faced with long-term medical issues and we also lost a few dear ones during this time. One person that I Miss very dearly is my beloved Grandpa who left us on 20 July 2011 @ 11.38pm. I'll always hold him close and dear to my heart. I remember vividly his face, his smile, how it felt like to hold his warm hands and how he sounds like till now. It seems like it was only yesterday that I was talking to him and applying cream on his wrinkled hands.

It's not an easy feat to get by day to day when you are faced with problems daily that are beyond your control to resolve. When there isn't much you can do to help the ones who are suffering but just look out and support them physically, mentally and spiritually but I believe that somehow we will cope and things will be better one day. I know that we are all just trying to be strong for each other and in some unspoken way, it helps even for just the slightest bit.

On a brighter note, a dear friend of mine has given birth to a baby boy last year and another has finally settled into her love nest last month :) I am slightly closer to the completion of my new place and I've started looking around for ideas too... :)